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July 22, 2016 - 2:22 pm

busy week

So I spent several hours this week searching through my diary trying to find entries about Tara, but the search feature doesn't seem to be working anymore. Then I noticed Jay's is gone as well. And then I started freaking out. I've had this thing going for 15 years. I would lose so much history if it just disappeared one day. I hope that does not happen!
Girls are back at swimming this week. Monday was cancelled due to a storm rolling in so make up sessions are tonight.
Wednesday I had a new parent orientation at legacy and then went straight to a service team meeting. Yesterday I was doing recruitment at a meet the teacher night at an elementary school. Jade had her yoga and hula class for 4 days. I think she enjoyed it. Cadence has been vegging out a bit. She had her Ortho appointment too. Back in September, hopefully that adult tooth is out by then.
We have just over 2 weeks left before school starts so I'm going to take some time off this upcoming week so wecan go do some fun stuff.
This week I haven't felt great. I went to the gym Fri and Sat... then I just felt stiff and sore and battled a few headaches. Well yesterday I woke up with a headache, my back hurt, and my stomach was very gassy so I just said forget it and worked until I had to take Jade to yoga and then went straight to the chiropractor. I was feeling better after lunch so I worked a little more.
I've used 1 sick day all year. I get 10. So taking the day is ok with me. I got a decent night's sleep last night. Couldn't get up with the alarm went off though so I went to the gym on lunch. It was circut. I burned 466 calories in 36 minutes. Work was quiet today. Guy & Nancy went to Australia. Must be nice!
So I'm just trying to get my desk organized.
I need to get busy working on troop stuff. i have some idea, but ultimately, I want the girls to do the work this year.

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