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July 08, 2016 - 8:48 am

Happy 4th

Another week over and so much to do!
I was done with work by 10am last Friday and I did make it there for noon. That was probably a bad idea because Saturday I could hardly walk. Popping aleve and advil like crazy with no relief so I broke out the Vicodin. And you know me, I HATE pain meds!
We got our Free ice cream at the enrollment office Friday and then Jay headed up to get Cadence from the bus stop. He had left earlier to go to Buckeye and then just stayed up that way until it was time to get her. Jade and I played legos on the floor (not good for my back at all) We finished building the hair salon as a surprise for Cadence.
Saturday we went to the Children's place outlet and got 10 pairs of pj's for the girls for under $60. There was one camp pic of Cadence wearing mismatched pj's entirely too small. And then we just went swimming. Sunday we went to Costco. The girls stayed home. We also went to sports authority to check out the latest discounts. I got a new pair of sneakers and I got Cadence a pair of rollerblades for Christmas (size 4-8 adjustable). They were only $45!
Monday was the fourth of July. Back still killing me. We baked cookies- chocolate chip and then went to As You Wish to pick up Cadence's plate and paint some pottery. At first Jay was annoyed and didn't want to paint anything but then he finally got into it. Of course Jade finished super quick and then was bored and being annoying. Fireworks at Tumbleweed (well in a nearby parking lot). We had a great view.
Tuesday was the horseback riding workshop up in Cave creek. Surprisingly, no traffic at 8am. Got back at 11:30. There were supposed to be 7 girls, but only 3 showed up. They even let Jade help brush the horses and stuff. She's been very clingy lately- like needs to hold my hand and won't go 4 feet away from me. It aggravates me especially since she's usually pretty independent. I think just being home and off routine is the root cause.
Came home, ate lunch and then off to the dentist for a cleaning for Cadence. She went back by herself so Jade could play in the waiting room. All good- no cavities. Then home again. Jay had the foot dr to check on his wart. Dr said things look good. Hopefully it doesn't grow back.
Swimming lessons this session are at 6pm. It's not too hot or crowded and I don't have to miss work, but I hate going at dinnertime. Her teacher is ok- I did like the last one the best so far out of the 3 this year. Should have 1, maybe 2 more sessions for the summer. She's getting it finally.
Wednesday I FINALLY made it to the Chiropractor (they were closed tuesday too). Finally starting to feel some relief, although my hip hurts now. Also back to work. It was busy but not awful.
Yesterday I actually got all caught up and organized by the end of the day. Today is a light day (for once).
Yesterday we went to the new location of Sweeties! They have all these old fashioned bottled sodas now.
This holiday week went by fast. Cadence leaves for camp again on Sunday. I haven't written one letter yet! Like I said- so much to do. There are 10 things on my to-do list today. This is #2.
Tomorrow we are going to see the secret life of pets movie with the Girl Scouts and then I'm doing the leader bowling event at Main Event.

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