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July 01, 2016 - 8:05 am

July already?

So somehow it's now July 1st! 6 weeks of summer break are over and there are only 5 1/2 left until school starts.
Cadence was at camp all week. I did a few hours of cleaning last Saturday and then I stayed home on Sunday while Jay took her to the bus stop to do some more cleaning. We were done by 1 and then it was like "well what do we do all day"
I took Jade to swimming twice this week. She did ok in Seahorse, still in it for next session.
Went to the gym Saturday, Tue, Wed, Thurs. Haven't made it yet today, but we get done in about an hour, which is nice so I pretty much get the whole day off from work. My back has been sore. Went to the chiropractor yesterday but they weren't open! So now I'll have to wait until Tuesday
We got a nice storm on Wednesday night, so it's cooled off a little, but is on the humid side.
No pics of cadence from camp all week. I had emailed JUniper to find out about a missing sock, it hasn't been found but she told me she's bringing home her fishing pole- so I was surprised to hear that, and glad.
Last night I spent like 2 hours sorting legos. No fun! We started watching Orange is the new Black. Watched 2 episodes and it's pretty good.
We got a new fan and installed it for Cadence's room. Nice and bright- instead of that space one. Jay had work to do but wasn't swamped. A pretty low-key week
Oh last Friday, we tried out this place called Sammie's. It's make your own ice cream cookie sandwiches. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD They even freshly bake the cookies there. We may go back today or tomorrow.
No plans for the weekend yet. Relaxing sounds good to me!

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