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June 24, 2016 - 9:25 am


So Mon-Wed, I did my 3 day refresh. It was torture. Monday I felt a little lightheaded. Tuesday I felt VERY weak and lightheaded, to the point where I wanted to pass out. I actually cheated and ate half a protein bar. Wednesday I felt somewhat better and finished with my dinner of 8 asparagus and a teaspoon of almonds.
Wednesday night we went to the movies with Jason, Celina and Erik to see The Fast and The Furious (original) for the 15th anniversary. I'm pretty positive I didn't see it in the theater and there's no movie ticket either. I know I had it on repeat in the dvd player though. I ate 2 raisinettes and 2 reese's pieces. Then when we came home, I ate 2 cookies. I was trying to finish the day because I wanted to weigh/measure myself on Thursday morning.
Waist: -.5", Belly Button: -1", Hips: -2", Thighs: no change, Weight: -2.4 lbs.
Not bad. I was excited about the hips the most.
Yesterday I ate pretty good. I was only at about 500 calories before dinner. Then we decided to go to olive garden. I got the stuffed chicken marsala. I was unsure about what I wanted to eat but that looked good. I really didn't like it. (one of those decisions that I just didn't make the right choice) Jay of course felt bad because he suggested it. The chicken itself was eh. The mushrooms were good. The stuffed part was cheese and it just tasted too salty. But maybe my body changed because of the cleanse.
Besides that, Cadence had skateland all this week. Jade started seahorse at Desert Oasis, and went to Sapphire's on wednesday. Donna took the girls wednesday night so we could go to the movies. She made breakfast for dinner and the girls had a water balloon fight- seemed like they had a pretty good time. Oh and Wednesday, cadence did her pottery.
I still have all of the camp letters to write. I started some but didn't get very far.
So it was a busy week for the girls. Cadence leaves on Sunday again and I have cleaning to do. Jay had some work- not a crazy amount but enough to keep him busy. It's really hot in the garage though.
I bitched out Cox yesterday because the internet still goes out. THey are now telling me that it's our router.. ughhhhhhhhhhh
Amex and care credit are paid off but my chase card is scary. Jay's cards are pretty much paid off too, except his care credit. We just took some of our tax refund to pay off amex and hopefully it won't get out of control.
Today EVERYONE is off- Rachael, Chris B and Laura. How does that happen!? So I'm stuck doing all the work. I have a lot to do, but of course don't feel like doing it. I always have a lot to do LOL, if it's not work, it's something around the house.
I didn't make it to the gym once this week. I'll probably go tomorrow though. I couldn't with this 3 day refresh. I could barely function. Thought about going on lunch today, but would rather get work done and everything else on my list.
Oh so jay totally jumped me on lunch Wednesday. Technically I couldn't take lunch because I had to take jade to swimming. But neither girl was home so he took advantage of that.. and me. ;)
That's ok because I got him last night

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