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June 20, 2016 - 9:07 am

26 was the magic number on Saturday

I didn't make it to the gym Friday. By the time I had a chance to look at the clock, it was 12:30. After work, I sold some Duplo blocks of Jade's, then we went and got apple strudel at the enrollment office and then gas. Then we went and got Cadence. The bus was there at 6 when we pulled up. Came home and made the girls a pizza for dinner. Jade was being a terror when we asked her to pick up- crying and screaming. Got cadence unpacked and got the girls off to bed.
Saturday AM I got up and made it to the gym, then took a quick shower and off to see Finding Dory, which was AWeSOME. Then we went to Target for a birthday present for Jolie. Came home, hung out for a bit, I ended up taking a nap. Jay took Cadence to the party and then picked her up. I was sleeping the whole time. He asked me what I wanted to do that night. And that usually means one thing. I just kinda made a face and said 'ehhh i dunno'. But then well I realized it was father's day weekend so it' was his weekend and we should do what he wants to do. He asked me later why I was hesitant and I told him, which I've said many times before... i feel like a fat cow and I hate it.
It was still a good night. Sat outside most of the time- it was in the 90's very nice out. Wanted to go swimming but just a little bit too cold. Had our feet in though. I think we ended up going to bed around 1 or maybe 2. And well, that part is always amazing. 24 times amazing in probably 10 or 15 minutes. Then he bought me a new spray- cinnamon. Much better than the mint. That definitely works. It felt strange-how far I could go, but yet I want to try it again. I think it just takes a little getting used to. Finished up two more times, then a restless night of in and out sleep followed by bathroom breaks. I was up early with Jade. Jay slept until 9. We ended up going to lolo's for breakfast. It was crowded but oh so delicious. Got home around noon and I passed out until 2. I probably could have slept longer if jay didn't wake me up. Then we went swimming and food shopping and somehow it was 5:30. Just quick pizza for dinner, played some games with the girls. Pretty relaxing day, which is just what Jay wanted for father's day.
Ever just feel like sometimes you made the wrong decision and you say to yourself "well I should not have done that!" and then there's other times where you make the absolutely best decision ever and you say to yourself "That was perfect- glad I chose this". Well the 2nd one is just how I feel about Jay. Everybody has their bad days and I often get caught up in the day-to-day crap, but 14 years later I love him. He is my perfect match and the best decision I ever made.
I asked him if he was scared to ask me to marry him and he said he was. So I said why and he said well that's something you only ever usually do once in your life and I just wanted it to be perfect and I said, but I had already asked you to marry ME! and he said yeah i know. It made me smile thinking about that. 5/23/04: Jay has been so sweet to me. Making me food, stealing me flowers from wendy's. I love him so so much. In fact in my drunkenness, I said to him "would you marry me" I guess because I was curious to find out if he actually would or not and he said yes, or at least that's what he told me. I guess when he is ready he will ask but at least now I know that I don't have a false hope

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