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June 17, 2016 - 10:28 am

another week of summer gone

so i go to log into work today after getting up at 7:15 and annoyed that I've only gone to the gym once this week and I get 'explorer has stopped responding' and that's it. just looping around and around. QTS spent 2 hours on the phone trying to fix it. It's not fixed. They have me under a temporary profile for now until they can figure it out. Really frustrating.
Cadence comes home from camp today- YAY! They've been putting up a ton of pics on the camp blog though and she's having a great time. Can't wait to hear all about it. Jade was decent this week. Yesterday she went to the movies with Jay and saw home. Donna had summer movie passes that she couldn't use so she gave them to us. Wednesday, Sapphire came over from about 10 to 3 and the girls played. Jade got mad when it was time to clean up and when she had to leave but otherwise, I heard lots of giggling and they were very well behaved. Swimming lessons all week. They recommended her for duck again, but I moved her up. Her teacher was pretty terrible. Even the other teacher doing the other half of the class was doing so much more with the kids. Hopefully we can get in the pool this weekend and I can give her a crash course so she's a little more prepared for monday!
Saturday we didn't end up doing anything and it kind of made me annoyed. Josh had come over and hung out and then jay was working and in and out. Sunday we dropped Cadence off and then went by Bryan's for about an hour before heading home. Also checked out The Bagel Man... now THOSE are some good NJ bagels!
Monday night Bryan took us out to Angry crab for dinner. I did most of the cleaning on Sunday... took up the whole day. Then finished up on Monday while Jade was at swimming. Also tore apart Cadence's closet and reorganized it. Then did Jade's as well. Listed stuff on craigslist, got some stuff ready for goodwill and others for the trash..
Last night I went out with a few of the moms from the mom's FB group to volunteer at FMSC. They seem alright. I just like FMSC.
Jade's replacement snowglobe should be here today.
I also got my 3 day refresh kit. I think I want to start Monday. I'll probably get eliminated from this round of the kosama competition but my hip started bothering me Monday. I went Tuesday and just went through the motions. I really was not in the mood to be there and just couldn't get into it. Then the rest of the week sooo tired/frustrated. I had wanted to go on lunch today. I have an hour to decide.
If not, I'll go tomorrow morning and at least end on a high note

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