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April 28, 2016 - 12:53 am

an april update

it's late but I can't sleep. I was trying for over an hour and just finally gave up. Got up, did the sinkful of dishes, reconciled the troop bank account, and here I am. Figured I was overdue for an update.
Here's what's happened this month.
My brother's trial. They dropped the gun charges but he's still looking at a max of 5 years. Sentencing is the first week of June. Also still awaiting charges from the city/state- trial was just for the federal charges.
We got our tax return completed and a refund due, but something has gone wrong. A form for the health insurance was left off. I emailed Peter on Saturday but haven't heard back yet. Bryan said he was in the hospital due to a heart attack the previous weekend. I'll follow up again with him tomorrow I guess. I was messing around with the form and from what I can figure out, we should be due an even BIGGER refund.
We did get our state refund back, and I did book our trip to NJ. We are going 5/28-6/2. Rental car is also booked. Still need to see if Erik will watch the dogs for us.
Been counting the days until school is over. 17 more to go! Homework has been stressful and challenging this month. Also Cadence had her AZ merit testing, which is a big statewide standardized test. Really looking forward to Legacy next year. Lauren is also going there. I would like it if they are NOT in the same classroom.
Jade will still be in building blocks for another year. It's been less of a struggle lately to get her to go. I'm a little worried about her speech. She still can't pronounce the hard C and from what I read it's because her tongue muscle is underdeveloped.
2 more girl scout meetings to go. Been busy trying to coordinate a Daisy and Junior troop for bridging requirements. Melissa, Sarah and Pria are not staying with us. Addy is undecided at this time. Melissa is moving to Scottsdale, Sarah is just too hard with the divorce, and Pria was on the fence all year. I'm not going to force someone to stay who doesn't want to be here. I'm hoping we can use the school for a meeting spot and to recruit more girls. Donna is retiring next month and it seems like she's going to want to do it all next year because she won't be working. But now that they are going to be 4th graders, the GIRLS should be doing more. I did 95% of everything this year BY MYSELF. It can be done.
Work is still eh. I've been VERY lazy lately. To the point where I just don't want to do anything at all. I get what I need to get done, but I don't put in any extra effort or hustle anymore. I'm so over it. I know it's time for a change.
Jay & I are alright. Sometimes I feel like we are just two passing ships in the night and we don't really spend time together. I get done with work and then it's time to help with homework, cook dinner, clean up the house, do dishes, get the girls in bed. No time to just relax as a family. Definitely looking forward to summer break.
I've been feeling ok. Been going 4x a week to the gym plus trying to get 1 run in a week. The scale and the tape measure aren't moving though and it's VERY frustrating to me. I've even cut down on eating and trying to eat better (no snacking). It's these love handles that really piss me off... and my thighs.
My hip has been off and on bothering me. This week, not so much though. I was going to go for a run in the AM, but not sure since it's so late. I may take a sick day tomorrow at this point. I don't think I've taken one yet this year. Hell I still have 1/2 a carryover day I haven't used.
We had the Sunsplash 525 cookie event last weekend. That was fun, but way too crowded! There were over 2,700 people there. We also went to Rawhide on the 9th for the 1,000+ event. That's a cool little place. We didn't buy the extra dinner tickets, but no one was checking anyway so we got dinner for free. Just paid the $15 for the two extra wristbands to do all the attractions. I know that's not very girl-scouty, but when you were going to charge me $70 for dinner for 2 that really wasn't worth it....
I ended up missing the annual meeting. I woke up that morning with what felt like a UTI. Luckily it was better by mid-day.
Jay bought an Odyssey with airbags and a wrap. It's ok I guess. A little too flashy for me.
Sold the BMW to Jason
Oh and he got me a new phone- iphone se. I hate that it's not jailbroken, just for the fact of the little tweaks I no longer have.
I think that's about the long and short of my last month.
I set a weekly reminder to update this. I've been good with them so hopefully I won't be such a stranger.

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