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March 31, 2016 - 12:41 pm

a few minutes

So I should have a few minutes for a quick update. End of month today. I got as much as I was going to get done, especially since it's almost 4 in NJ. One more day to cover for Rachael. Did I mention the refi was finalized and our loan was already sold off LOL. Pete should be stopping by tonight with our tax return. Hopefully we don't owe any money and can buy some plane tickets to NJ. Need to get the rest of the girl scout year planned- 4 more meetings. Going to run next week to the store and buy some JUNIOR stuff! I'm excited. The school finally called me today and asked why Cadence's registration form wasn't returned. I told them she wasn't returning. We decided on Legacy. Did I mention that? My brain is shot. We toured both schools (well the other campuses of both). Definitely more impressed with Legacy. I know the Basis is supposed to be the best, but they have Mandarin 4x a week. I think starting in K or 1st grade would be ok but transferring from 4th I would think would be really challenging. The staff didn't seem overly friendly (although they need to hire staff for the new location), and kids were just randomly roaming the hallway. I dunno just didn't feel right. Legacy is closer and still a good school and I think it being a new school, the kids will have an even playing field. Also excited for the music program. Not excited to have them in 2 schools still or a longer commute but I just want this to be the last decision made so that Cadence has some stability and I don't have to go through this again!
My brother's trial is this Monday. I feel bad for him but at the same time, it's his own damn fault.

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