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March 08, 2016 - 10:53 am

anger subsided

So yesterday was a better day. My anger has subsided. The girls were good. I only asked that they pick up once. They ate their dinner so I let them play on the ipad and took them to baskin robins for jade's free birthday ice cream. This morning I gave her back the garbage bag full of stuff I took and told her she has to put it all away.
Jay went to LA today to run an errand with someone. He left at like 5am and will probably be gone until after dinner.
There's still a giant mess of papers behind me waiting for him. I think I'll just do it myself so we can file our taxes. I hate waiting on other people!
Refi closing will be Thursday- excited to get that past me.
Work has been kinda quiet this week; hence more entries. Just trying to get things done. It's so hard to balance it all but I do my best!

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