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February 16, 2016 - 2:28 pm

cookies week 5

so cookies week 5. Cadence is up to 1,098 boxes. Here's hoping she gets to 1,250. It's been non-stop cookies pretty much. I've been doing multiple booths each weekend. I'm definitely tired!
Oh on Superbowl sunday the 7th, we hit up dobson ranch door to door looking for the mystery house. Left hangers, sold a few boxes (not that many- nobody was home and we got NO calls from the hangers :/ ) Well Tuesday afternoon around 4, I had a missed call. When I checked my voicemail, it was the lady from the MYSTERY HOUSE! It was the same house as last year. So wednesday we ran over there, got the door hanger ticket, and then ran up to council shop to get her prize! She got the stuffed animal house. She could have picked movie tickets or council store gift card but went for the animals because you can never have too many!
I also went and exchanged pretty much every single badge that I had here, mostly from donna's purchases One good thing was some of those we only paid $1.50 before the price increase but it was an even exchange and I got the badges for the rest of the year. And if they aren't earned, then I'll return them because I can do that in 90 days (and we'll be done in 90 days!).
Onto week 4 of Kosama, which means my $20 month is over soon.
I did 6,5,and 5. This week will probably be 5 as well since I skipped yesterday.
Jade is on a T, TH plan at building blocks. I had registered her for afternoon, but it got cancelled and the mwf class was full. It's ok though. She's been very hesitant to go to school. I've had to take her the last two weeks, which sucks for me because I have to be away from my desk for 40 minutes.
Cadence has moved up to 22 on the BASIS wait list. I enrolled her in Legacy Traditional School, so at least she has a spot somewhere.
I spoke to someone yesterday about refinancing our house, trying to lose pmi, better rate, etc. I don't make enough with our debt to income ratio to qualify. If we sold the gtr, then we would qualify for a conventional loan. It's been up for sale so jay is now trying to push it. Hate to see it go but I guess we can always get another (we've already had 3 and I never thought we'd get a 2nd). I'm so angry with our current mortgage company- they messed up the escrow account and didn't apply my shortage properly so it's messing with the monthly payment. I spoke to a 'supervisor' on Saturday who completely lied to me and had no idea what he was talking about.
Managed to get our health ins straightened out, got jay setup for a dr appt and jade and cadence are going to a new dr too since theirs isn't in this plan. So help me if I have to change plans again next year!
Haven't looked at our taxes yet. Need to get through cookies and Jade's birthday. I always feel like she gets gyped. Her birthday is a wednesday so I think I'm going to take 1/2 a day and maybe we can go do something for the afternoon. She wants the ladybug cake at chompies so we will get her that and then invite some friends over on the weekend. Still need to go shopping. I want to go to the stores and look. She could use some clothes, although I should probably dig out the next bag. It's getting warm and most of what's in her closet doesn't fit.
Oh so for Jay's ticket, he was only allowed to plead guilty, not guilty or no contest. That's it. His case will be heard next month. Ridiculous that he has to drive all the way down there again. Such a money making scheme for that rinky-dink border town!

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