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February 19, 2015 - 11:37 am

Vacation and general recap

So I said I was going to write more and here it is 2/3 of the way through February already.
We are in week 4 of cookie sales. It has been hellish. So much drama. Cadence is at 629 boxes right now. I don't know if she'll beat last year's number and I know she won't make it to the 1,000 mark.
Maybe next year!
I've been so busy with that and so stressed out. I haven't been sleeping well. I haven't gone to the gym (yesterday was my first day in a LONG time). I registered for my first 10k in about 6 weeks. I'm excited but very nervous of course. I need to build more endurance and get rid of this disgusting belly pouch that hangs over my pants. I HATE IT!
My tooth still has issues, slowly it is getting better but it's still not quite right. I have a cleaning scheduled for next month so I figured I'd just stick it out until then.
Jade's birthday is in less than 2 weeks- HOLY CRAP! I need to start figuring out her birthday party. She wants a caterpillar cake so I think I'll do something like I did for Cadence's 4th with the bundt pan.
Judy will be here on the 6th for 9 days. I bought tickets to go see Cinderella at Gammage. At least that's something to do. And Cadence will be on spring break so they can all spend time together. I haven't taken off any days- no point if we aren't going to do anything.

I never recapped my vacation: Jan 14-19
So I left Wednesday just before midnight on Thursday, flew into cold, dirty Newark and then took a small plane to Richmond. It's one of those that you have to walk out onto the tarmac and go up the stairs. HOLY COLD! Pam met me at the airport. We had an early lunch at Chili's. Then we walked around some stores killing time before our spa day! Facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, lunch, a glass of wine. 5 1/2 hours later and it was time to leave. I was so relaxed by the time I left... I fell asleep on the massage table.
Got back to their house, hung out, tried to decided on dinner and then settled on a mexican place. Mind you, it was after 8 when we left to go to dinner, and didn't get home until after 9. Kids were still up and had school the next day!
Friday I got up around 8-8:30. It was nice to just wake up when I wanted to get up. We headed out to brunch in Richmond near the college and then went to the movies to see the Imitation Game. It was a treat to get a day off from any kids! Got back around 4, kids came home by 5 and we just hung out. Migs made dinner, nothing crazy. Sophia and Mickey are good kids. It was nice spending time with them.
Saturday I had to be at the train station by 11:30 to catch my train up to DC. The train was fine. I had the row to myself, plenty of room. Pretty relaxing and even got in early. Melissa picked me up and we ran to the grocery store on the way home for some PB&J. Spent the afternoon with Maggie and Paul, who are 3 and 18 months. Then we went out to Fairfax to meet Sara for dinner. I almost wonder if Sara didn't want to be there. I just got a bit of the vibe. I didn't get to meet her girls though- they were home with Gruppo.
When we got back to Arlington, Paul and a few of his friends were over playing some weird 'nerd game' and didn't leave until pretty late. I was beat!
Sunday we went to 'the city' and went to the Smithsonian history museum. We spent most of the day there. I really enjoyed it- I'd never been. Paul had a church thing that night so Melissa made the kids dinner and we at leftovers and watched Wedding Crashers.
Monday, we took the kids to the Postal Museum, which was pretty interesting. Spent a couple of hours there and then I got dropped at the airport. Security was minimal and I didn't even have to take off my shoes. Connected in Denver, and then back to PHX by 8.
It was just great to go at my own pace, not have to pack snacks and changes of clothes and kinda just do what i wanted to do. Not that we did anything really exciting or crazy but it was just what I needed. I just wish it wasn't so freaking cold!
Plenty of Facetime with the girls and Jay.
Taking the step back and seeing how other families do it, make me appreciate what I have and how we function. It gave me a chance to hit the reset button on my stress meter. I felt great when I came home, and I still do feel pretty great as far as house/kids/family goes (just not the scouts). I also think being Mirena-free has really changed me. I truly do feel like a different person.

The day I came back- January 19th- 15 YEARS since the boland hall fire. And January 20th, was of course, 7 years since I lost my mom. It was back to work and business as usual so it kept my mind off of things.

Jay FINALLY used his health insurance. Had his snip snip on the 6th of February. He has a follow up appt tomorrow.

I registered Jade for preschool at chandler community center- she starts at the end of March.

Friday the 6th, something just CLICKED in her head. She ran by screaming 'i not go pee. i not go pee.' so I directed her to the potty and then she went. It's been almost 2 weeks and she's only had 2 accidents. She gets up and just goes by herself. We went out to eat on Tuesday and she said 'mommy I go potty' so I took her and she went. It took 8 long months but when she got it, she just got it. So proud of her!

Cadence got straight A+'s again (well 1 A) for the 2nd semester at school.
She's been busy with scout activities and slinging cookies. That's usually how my February goes though.

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