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January 07, 2015 - 8:53 am

The Girl Scout Entry

Well, tooth is slightly better today. I ended up taking two naps yesterday, a couple of Aleve and 1/2 a Vicodin before bedtime. I woke up at 3am but managed to go back to sleep. I haven't taken anything yet and even mashed up some cereal for breakfast.

So today I said I wanted to reflect upon Girl Scouts. I don't even know where to start. This year has got me so frustrated. It started in the summer. I started trying to find a new meeting place. I was hoping that we could meet at Cadence's new school. I didn't get an answer until October, and it was a big fat NO. In December, Donna was ready to throw in the towel and PAY for a meeting spot- 10% of our cookie profit from last year just for the last 10 meetings of the year. I wasn't giving up because that is not fair to the girls to work so hard. That money should be used for THEM. So I pulled my resources and found us a spot. Next meeting will be at the boys & girls club, FREE of charge. I was ready to tell her to have the meetings at my house. I've also been very unhappy with her and how she's been running the troop this year, to the point where I want to almost pull cadence out of this troop. But she earned more than 60% of their money from cookie sales, her friends are there, and I wouldn't want to have to start from scratch if I started our own troop. I voiced my concerns with Rebecca, our MSE a little. Donna just seems clueless about a lot of things. She doesn't have hardly any of her training, no CPR/First Aid, none of the additional training they offer. She just seems very overwhelmed and doesn't want to do anything beyond the meeting. And now she wants parents to PLAN the meetings! Well what would she be doing then?
I can't see the troop roster since I'm classified as an 02, which means I can't do any registering for events. And she holds the checkbook. That's about all she has over me as far as responsibility.
What really set me off on the wrong foot was there was a council event that was posted over the summer- an overnight at camp where the girls would earn a Journey. As soon as I saw it, I mentioned it. I wanted to go- I thought it would be great to have a camp experience (we haven't had that yet as a troop), meet other girls, get a journey completed, etc. We put it on our calendar for the year. Most of the parents seemed interested. The girls were even getting excited. Well, Donna didn't re-up the girls' registrations, therefore, couldn't register them for the event and then it got filled up before the registration deadline. I got us on a waitlist, but we still didn't get in. That one made me really angry for a while.
So I'm registering for anything I know we want to do and if we get reimbursed then great. If not, at least we had a good time, even if no one else went!
We have 3 new girls this year, Jocelyn, K-Lani, and Sarah. Jocelyn I find rude and disruptive. K-Lani is ok, but her mom is such a helicopter parent and I don't like her one bit. Sarah and her mom Mari are AWESOME! They want to do things and be involved. It makes me happy to see someone with as much enthusiasm as I have.
This week's meeting, Cadence was supposed to be presented with another patch she and Lauren earned. Well she sewed on Lauren's patch and lost Cadence's! And I got a "are you sure you gave it to me?" Yes I'm flipping sure! I have my shit together- you obviously do not.
Cookie season is upon us. She said she'd help me find some booths. She called all the places on the NO list, even after I gave her a list of places to call (which she didn't call any of those). Why am I doing these things when you are not following directions anyway?! Jay tells me to take a breath and calm down.
Yes I work too a full time job. It may be from home but that means there is no set time I'm working. If something needs to get done, I do it. I check my emails all day long. I have 2 kids, not just one. I have just as much on my plate as she does. I couldn't imagine what she would do if she had to handle cookies. She has no idea how much work it is. I happen to LIKE doing cookies. It's "my thing".
I just want to get through this year and see what's left standing. Cadence has earned so many badges already and we've done so many awesome things. She lit her own fire with a match! She's hiked in the woods with a GPS. It's amazing to see her try these things and I love what Girl Scouts does for her.

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