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December 27, 2013 - 10:32 am

december update

so now it's almost two months since I wrote. And I keep saying to myself I need to do that, but I just have zero time.
Jade has been binkie free since Dec 14th! Bedtime has become a bit of a bigger issue, but otherwise she's fine with it.
Last Saturday 12/21 she peed on the toilet! Complete chance... I just keep trying to put her on now to get her familiar with it and that time something happened to come out! We've noticed a lot more words coming out now that the binkie is gone too.
Christmas was good. I got a pair of PJ's two powerpuff girl shirts, a PPG wallet, a new pair of sneakers, a bunch of lotion, some kitchen spatulas and a ridiculous amount of candy including 1/2lb peanutbutter cups and a box of chocolate covered cherries and an entire stocking full of candy.
I didn't even get out of my pj's on christmas. Neither did Jade. It was just crazy with the girls and then playing games in the afternoon and trying to cook. Brian and Josh were supposed to come for dinner, but Bryan didn't make it over until 8 or so and Josh never did. Travis and Danielle & James stopped by and ate some leftovers.
Christmas eve was good- we had our pierogi and flounder. Jason stopped by and the girls opened his gifts.
Cadence got all A's and 1 B on her report card.
I got my car fully clear-bra'ed. We made a ridiculous amount of cookies. We went to Santa's workshop at the north pole on Dec 23rd. It was so much fun. In fact, when we were on the trolley headed there and everyone was singing christmas carols, I started crying thinking of my mom and how it felt so nice to be in the christmas spirit. Cadence had such a great time. Jade enjoyed herself too, but she was definitely getting tired/cranky towards the end. We went and saw walking with Dinosaurs this weekend.
That was pretty much my whirlwind december.
Work has been pretty busy. Busy to the point that i was supposed to be off last friday but my day got cancelled because I'm the only one who knows how to do my job. I wasn't happy.

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