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November 06, 2013 - 9:58 am

Another month bites the dust!

Another month down, but October was absolute chaos.
In September, they tallied up everyone's Myzone points and then seeded the top 64 for a challenge that began on the 7th. I was seeded 20th. Head to head rounds, bracket style. Each week was a different elimination. I missed a total of 4 days those weeks (3 were sundays). I worked full hours too. It was a TOUGH competition and took a lot out of me.
I made it to round 2, top 32. I made it to round 3, Sweet 16 and won a free drink from the fridge. I made it to round 4, ELITE 8 and won a t-shirt, but got knocked out on 11/3 before the final four. So I took off this past Monday and Tuesday and gave my body a reset. I needed it. Everything was hurting. I was drained. I returned today, relaxed, feeling good and not worrying about having to push myself to the limit. It was nice. I also had the girls with me. Jay left for SEMA last night. He'll be back Saturday night so it's 4 days of single parenthood. So far so good.
October was also crazy with scouts. We are at 10 girls, but one doesn't show up alot. We had a backyard campout this past Saturday too. The girls had a great time. Two weeks ago, they were both sick. Not full blown sick, but enough to be miserable. I started to get it but managed to fight it off. I was worried!
I also had to get all the box tops into headquarters for 11/1.
Halloween was good. We went to Parker's house for trick-or-treating, but Parker & Jude were more interested in playing with their neighbors so we ended up walking around by ourselves. They have a great neighborhood though, lots of candy and kids. And 11/3 was Parker's birthday part.
The week of October 7th was fall break. Cadence did a journey workshop for 3 days and I helped out as well. Addy, Lily, Rhiyahna, and Izzy also did it so she knew a few girls. We had a lot of fun.
We also went to opening day at the state fair- 10/11. I got deep fried watermelon on a stick, a candy apple & fry bread. Jay got deep fried Reese's.
I spoke to Harvey and he had mailed me a letter with some pictures. He's doing well but misses Cathie- they were together for 51 years. I couldn't even imagine not having Jay.
Cadence & I checked out a Coyotes game on 10/26 for Girl Scout night and then we went to Salt River Fields for the balloon spooktackular that same day. It was a fun day.
We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by going to Dave & Busters for some dinner, drinks and games. Jason came over and hung out with the girls. Something a little different than dinner and a movie. We had a fun time. We hadn't been to dave and busters since maybe 06? It was before Cadence was born!
So? See? Told Ya I was busy!
Monday, we had scouts, but I finished up work early and we went to the chiropractor, and when we were leaving, Jay jerked Jade and popped her arm out- it's called "nursemaid's elbow". She started yelling in the car, which is typical, but we didn't notice until we got home that she wasn't moving her arm. YouTube tutorial helped us put it back into place and save a $30 copay, and she was good as new within 10 minutes!
Pretty scary, that's for sure. Jay felt awful.
The excitement never ends around here!
I found out today I won the Halloween costume contest at Kosama- wonder what I won- I have to find out from Judd.
November should calm down a bit. Donna's doing the next two girl scout meetings, no box tops. Work might pick up though. It's been off and on busy.
I'm trying to be productive with Jay gone- keep the house clean, catch up on stuff I don't get to do when he's home, etc.
For my Jade update:
Keeping track of the words: boo, yeah, yes, mama, blah, hi, bye, that/what's that, dada, go, share, Gingey, good, shoes.
Her 4th 1st molar came in and now her eye teeth are starting to come in.. I can feel almost 3 of them, but none have broken out yet. Today she slept 11 hours, but she still gets up a lot in the 5am hour.
Cadence is doing well with piano. I bought her the 3rd book already. I started doing a little christmas shopping too, but not much. We got all (but one) of her thank you cards out finally.

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