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October 04, 2013 - 8:18 am

two month catch up

soo it's been 2 months since I wrote. Never did do that vacation entry. Time has just been slipping away from me.
When we got back from vacation, it was just chaos. School started, piano lessons started and girl scouts started! We went from 5 returning girls to 13, but I think we are now at 11 (maybe 10) It's still too soon to tell- not everyone has handed in all of their paperwork yet. It's definitely a lot of work. I'm glad we came up with a plan during summer. I know Donna is feeling the pressure but so far I'm ok. I'm picking up one girl and her mom who don't have a car at the moment. They are pretty much on the way and are both really nice people.
School-wise was crazy. Enrollment was low so they started firing teachers, combining classes... The first month of school was a bit alarming. They fired Mrs Kitchen because she could only teach in the morning and Kindergarten they split into A/B so A gets curriculum in the morning and then B get it in the afternoon. Cadence had I think 14 in her class but I think she now has 18 or 19. I dunno, they got 2 more kids in the last couple of weeks. The other first grade class is a 1st/2nd grade combo. There are 4 kids in that class, including Iris and Beck. I know Beck wasn't the 'model student' in kindergarten so I don't think it's an advance first grade. I'm leaning towards a regular first grade for the 2nd graders who need a little extra help. But who knows. I also signed up to be the box top mom for Cadence's class. Then since no one volunteered to coordinate all the classes, I signed up for that too! good gravy what have I gotten myself into!
Other randomness- I got my new custom plate for my car OUTEE. I've gotten quite a few compliments on it. I got a lousy 3% raise. At least it covered the health insurance increase and I finally made it over 50k. Cadence started piano on 8/13. She seems to like it. I like the teacher- she's really nice.
Jay's been trying to get his car back together for the last month or so. He's still having problems but it's basically driveable. Our garage door opener broke. Our washer broke.
Cadence won the responsibility award for August at school for her class. They had a little assembly and she got a free ice cream coupon at DQ that we haven't used yet. Cadence has gone to 2 birthday parties- Alisse's at peter piper and Sakura's at Makuto island.
Labor day weekend Jay and I did something bad, but it was good.
September 8th It rained for 2 or 3 days straight. It was nice!
Jade still has very inconsistent sleeping patterns. The last two mornings we were up before 5:30. Work has been quiet the last couple of days and I was tempted to take a nap, but I said to myself "i really need to update this". I look back a lot to try and compare Jade to Cadence, but I actually didn't write a lot about Cadence the first year we moved here. I think I was more overwhelmed with grief of my mom, and then Fred & my uncle and trying to adjust to living here and not having a lot of help from Jay. But anyway, I'm TRYING to do a better job with keeping a record for Jade... the key word being "trying" LOL.
So in the last two months, she has become quite a climber, climbs into her high chair, onto the bar stools, anything really. Her 3rd molar popped out around 9/11. The 4th one is just starting to break through now. She's starting to say a couple of words, but not many. I took the girls for their checkups on 9/26 and the dr showed a little concern with the talking. I'm not concerned though.
September also brought the series finales of Breaking Bad and Burn Notice. Two great shows! At least they both ended well.
On 9/19 I took off to NJ for Tara's wedding. What a crazy 42 hour trip that was. Got in at 11. Regina picked me up. Met up with Lenny & Bennett at applebees for some apps & a drink. Then Reg drove me up to Kevin's house. By the time I went to bed it was almost 3. Then I was up at 7. We met Jill at Friendly's for breakfast. Then Kev & I hung out for a while, went on a quest for a clinton's iced tea. Then since I didn't hear from ruben, we went to the apple store. By then it was almost 2 and I had to get to Barb's to get ready for the wedding. Beth picked me up about 3:30 and we headed over to garfield. It was a nice wedding. The outdoor garden was beautiful, but a bit noisy. The inside was redone really nicely. The only other person I knew there was Brian Kovacs & I met his wife and mom. We got back to clifton about 10:30 and I was up talking to barbara & tibby until 12-12:30. Then up early again (what is wrong with me) We went to the bakery and got my baked goods. Then they drove me over to the lyndhurst diner and I met up with Jenny Sandra Constantino and Lorena. We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then Sandra drove me back to Clifton. Then I walked on over to steph's parents house and got to see 2 year old Abby! Hung out there for a couple of hours and then walked back and headed to the airport. Security was quick and of course Judy was already there. The flight back was much smoother than the flight going. I was exhausted though and tried to sleep with no avail.
Didn't do much all week. Wednesday we made cupcakes for the class- they turned out cute. Thursday morning I got up and went to the gym. I stopped at dunkin and fry's and picked up a bouquet of flowers for my little girl. She picked Red Robin for dinner. Jade does NOT fit in the high chairs. It was just total chaos. I spent the entire time trying to control her while Judy sat there and laughed and Jay played temple run on his phone. My burger tasted like freezer burn garbage and I only ate half.
Honestly I don't even know why Judy comes here. She spent the whole 10 days on the couch reading. She sat outside once and then complained she had a headache because it was too hot. I didn't tell her to sit in the sun! She does fold laundry but that's about it.
Anyway, Saturday was the party. Friday night we made the cake, filling and stacked it. Saturday I took Cadence out to walmart to pick up some stuff & return the library books and Jay made the cupcakes. Party was at 1. It was a lot of fun. We had it at Skateland and everyone had a great time. 4 of her classmates who said they were coming didn't show up and that pissed me off a bit but whatever.
Then we came back to the house for cake with friends... not too many people showed up there either. Ralph was out of town, Erica was out of town/ken was busy working on his car, jason was helping build a shed, mark & becky had soccer, danny was sick, travis was tuning a car. Who did come by was Josh, Eric, James and then Bryan stopped by later. So we had a giant sheet cake for 8 people. Jason was trying to come over sunday but that didn't work out either. He did make it over monday though. I know he at least felt awful.
Saturday night after everyone left, Jay & I went to scottsdale and stayed at Hotel Indigo. It was decent- not a crap super 8 but nothing super fancy either. We went to Kona grill for dinner, had some super awesome sex and then went to bed. I woke up at 8:30 (late for me), we had more sex! took a shower and then went to LoLo's chicken & waffles for breakfast before coming home at 11. Morning sex never happens anymore so that was a real treat!
Monday- last day of the month, I was busy with work trying to get everything buttoned up.
Tuesday I went to morning gym and then worked outside for the rest of the morning because it was BEAUTIFUL outside! I got everything done that I had to do. Then we went food shopping after work without kids!
Wednesday- parent teacher conference. Cadence got all a's and b's on her report card- 5 a's, 2 b's. She had 1/2 day. Then since it was our last day with a baby sitter, we went to a 4pm movie to see Rush. It's about a F-1 driver. It was good.
So I guess that was the last two months. Just craziness.

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