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July 05, 2013 - 9:29 am

unhappy 4th

so I didn't really finish the last entry. I ended it abruptly because I just had way too much to do. Work continue to inundate me between 7 and 3, and I'm barely taking lunch. Cadence has been home from Tutor Time the last two weeks, which is good and bad.
Gym so far this week: Mon, Tue, Wed. They were closed yesterday but I plan on getting there today and tomorrow.
Wednesday we got done at 10 so I took Cadence to swimming and then picked up Lauren and got the girls some lunch. Took them swimming. I think they had a fun afternoon. Yesterday Cadence had swimming in the morning, it was definitely hot. I brought Jade with me and she was sooo good. Then we went to the movies in the afternoon to see despicable me 2. Of course Jade dropped her binkie before the previews were over and of course Jay couldn't find it. She was good for over an hour. Then she got a little antsy so I just sat with her on the side and we were there for a while. Then she got a little yelly so I started heading towards the door and I actually watched most of the movie, except for about 5 minutes towards the very end- I at least HEARD 99% of the movie. Note to self, next time bring a 2nd. So Jay is mad at me or her or both of us,I don't know.
Maybe I've mellowed or become wiser in my old age but SHE IS A BABY. You can't yell at her like a dog or expect her to behave like Cadence. And no, I'm not going to put my life on hold or deprive myself or Cadence of things- just going to make the best of it. So this weekend should be interesting. I feel like taking the girls and getting the eff out of the house. We have 0 plans. I could just spend all weekend in the pool- he can't go swimming anyway. I think Turbo comes out in 2 weeks. I'll take them both. I'm just so sick of the yelling. Jade yells and the Jay yells at Jade for yelling. It doesn't make it stop so why bother! I'm choosing love and hugs. Each day is too precious to worry and get annoyed over the dumb crap. These are my girls and they will be grown up and gone before I know it so I want to enjoy them while I can.
I love my family but Jay & Jade are just not compatible and it causes me stress. It doesn't help that I'm busy with work, haven't been sleeping well, and having issues in the 'other department' also. I just have no release, except the gym so when I'm there, I'm going pretty hard.

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