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July 03, 2013 - 7:45 am


So Frog session 2 started on the 17th. Jay & I switched back and forth with taking Cadence and the other stayed home with Jade.
Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat- gym
Wednesday I took a super early lunch and we went out to IHOP for breakfast. It was delicious. Cadence went to a dbacks game with Tutor Time.
Thursday I was annoyed because Jade took half the papers out of the filing cabinet and I spent 30 minutes putting them back in.
Friday we went to Buono's for pizza dinner- yummy!
Saturday was Ice skating. It took a good 40 minutes to get Cadence to stop crying (and we are taking tears, hyperventilating, completely embarassed to be this kid's mom crying) and put on the helmet, but with the help of Jason, he and I finally got her ready to get on the ice. And of COURSE she had a blast and can't wait to go back next week.
Week of 6/23
Gym- Wed, Friday
Sunday we went food shopping. Threw both girls in the car shopping cart. Least difficult shopping trip ever! For the afternoon we went in the pool and hung out. Jay was busy in the garage so I was a little bored because it was just me and the girls and I had no one to talk to.
Monday I booked California! We got a guest house rental in Vista for $925 for 5 nights/ 6 days. Last week in my free time, I was just trying to find a place. No help from Jay of course! Like I don't have enough to do. I made stuffed peppers for dinner and they turned out delicious this time.
Tuesday we got our palms cut. By Tuesday night, the pool was GREEN. That's ok because by Thursday it was nice and sparkly again because I AM AWESOME!
Thursday- last day of Frog session 2. Jay also had a dr appt because his sutures are coming out. His body is rejecting them. It's pretty gross.
Friday I had my half day. Jay started cleaning early and we were done by 2 something so we went to see Monsters University. Jade was beyond nap time so she yelled the entire time and I spent the movie in the lobby with her. I was so annoyed. We brought her blanket but Jay left it in the car. If I at least had that, It might have calmed her down, but I couldn't even go back in to get the keys and my ticket stub so I could go out to the car.
Jay went to some meet Friday night so I went for a night swim. The water was so warm and it was nice.
Saturday I was up early cleaning outside and wanted to go to the gym but I figured I'd catch the later class. Then Jay distracted me and I lost track of time. Wasn't too happy about that. Ice skating again. Cadence was fine, until they took the walker away from her. Then she freaked out crying again. I have no idea what her problem is.
I got Jade fed and napped and at 6:30 we were off to the Circus. It was SO MUCH FUN! Jade was really good- a little fussy about 45-60 minutes in, but then she got a 2nd wind. We got home around 10 or so.
Week of 7/30
Sunday was the girl scout troop party. It was fun and a pretty good afternoon. Sydney was a drama queen- crying because 'no one wanted to play with her'. Pria's mom didn't stay and didn't send her with any type of float and she can't swim.
Monday Cadence started Fish. Technically, she didn't pass Frog, but she meets the requirements and she seems to be on par with the other 5 kids in her class. The only time they had open was 10am so I'm taking an early 'lunch' to take her.

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