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June 17, 2013 - 1:21 pm

father's day and taking a sick day because I felt sick

So these new accounting responsibilities are certainly keeping me busy. Tuesday I ended up taking a sick day. I woke up and my throat was KILLING me. It's funny because I wanted to take a sick day on Thursday and just do some stuff. Well I took one Tuesday and it was a total waste.
So Monday I didn't make it to the gym. Tuesday I didn't do much of anything. Tried to relax- hard to do with Jade. We went out about 2 to the other two Ross's in Tempe and didn't have any luck there. Then we exchanged Cadence's bathing suit at costco, picked her up from Tutor Time . I stayed home from swimming and Jay took her. Crappy leftovers for dinner and no gym. I had signed up for my 2nd class of tough lotus and didn't go- wasted a class because you can't cancel if it's less than 48 hours.
Wednesday I was feeling a little bit better so back to work. Didn't go to the gym though, just didn't feel like it. Took Cadence to swimming. Thursday same, but I went to the gym at lunchtime. Jay had his 4 week dr appt and if I don't go with him, we can't take the carpool lane home and would get stuck in traffic. He got some cortizone shots and had to wear his binder for another week, but looking better. Then we picked up cadence (she went to the museum) home and then off to swimming. Last day of session 1- they got to go down the curvy slide. She lost her goggles- I was so annoyed. Jay found Jade's binkie that was missing for over a week- under the bathroom carpet in our bathroom pushed up against the shower.
Friday was my half day so I started at 6:30 and worked until 11:30. Went to the gym in the afternoon and got that out of the way. Then we did some swimming. Decided to save the house cleaning for Saturday. Jay made burritos for dinner.
Saturday Jade got me up at 5:15. I tried to go back to sleep but she wouldn't let me- stepping on my head, grabbing my hair. I was so tired. I didn't make it for 8am class. Then I had my 9:30 with Brooke. Ran to Ross at Tempe marketplace and got 2 bras for less than $10. Can't really beat it! Then I spent 6 hours cleaning. Completely exhausted. Jade was having problems falling asleep- she had gas. She spent the night in our bed. So after having been woken up extremely early, there was no rest for the weary.
Sunday, father's day, I still had the bathroom and kitchen to clean. I didn't get much of anything done before I had to go pickup Jay's present at 11. Then finally after 12, both girls took a nap and it was quiet. Got that stuff cleaned and then it was 4pm so we went to walmart and picked up pool stuff because we are fighting to keep our pool from turning green. Then we went to Chili's for dinner. Jay was getting made because Jade was a little yelly but she was HUNGRY. As soon as the food showed up she devoured it and I didn't hear a peep out of her. She slept from 12-3:30 missed lunch and then was up for over an hour before she ate.
Today, Laura & I didn't do any training and I felt like I actually got a grip on the insane amount of work that I need to do. Of course I still haven't learned everything or experienced a month-end yet.
New swimming session starts tonight, but it's at 5, not 6. I did find Cadence's goggles. They were behind Jade's seat next to the door. Then I'm going to try to make it to kickboxing for 6:45 but then it's tough because I can't tuck in my girls.

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