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June 10, 2013 - 3:21 pm

the rest of may

So it's been almost 3 weeks since I've last written.
Things have been pure chaos.
Today Kevin left for Sedona, the Grand Canyon and then Cali. His mom flew out last night and stayed here and off they went early this morning. It's weird to have my office back. He was here for 4 weeks and a day. Honestly, it didn't really seem that long.
Yesterday was his birthday too so they went to dinner with Jay. I stayed home with the girls. We are trying to get Jade to bed by 7. It seems to be helping her stay asleep better. Cadence passed out before 7:30 as well on the couch. The weekend really wasn't eventful. Went swimming on Sunday. Cadence had a sleepover Saturday night so we went to the movies and saw "Now you See Me" which was a good movie. I finally got some culver's ice cream, which is absolutely delicious. Went to the mall and returned 4 of the 5 bras I had bought memorial day weekend. Got 2 on ebay + 2 at Ross + 2 sports bras and still paid $50 less! I found the two at Ross and I've been on a quest ever since Thursday to get more. I went to 4 stores. I found another one yesterday but I had both girls with me and didn't try it on and I don't like the way it fits, so back it goes. Jade lost her binkie in the store yesterday and then screamed the whole way home. Brian and Ken were here working on the oven and Jay was unloading an 05 STi he just picked up. Craziness!
I'm going to go back to the week of 5/20 now that I got this week covered
Wed 5/22- took Cadence to the dentist. She did awesome and no cavities!
Thursday 5/23 was graduation. Apparently there is a helium shortage around here- couldn't get her a balloon but got her flowers. She did great and it was cute. I only cried a little. I was too busy trying to keep Jade still.
Friday 5/24 we kept her home. It was a half day and movie day. I got done at 11 and did an early class at the gym.
Saturday 5/25 I don't think I did much.
Sunday 5/26 we went to the outlets- got some new sneakers and shirts from old navy. Got Cadence & Jade a couple of dresses.
Monday 5/27 we went to the mall and I got some new bras. I spent $300 on 5 bras. I also did an early class at the gym since it was memorial day and I wasn't working. Jay & I went to the movies and saw Fast and Furious 6, which was AWESOME
Tuesday 5/28 the AC broke in the afternoon. I noticed it when we were going to bed so I called right away. The guy came out Wednesday around 5, just as I was getting back from the gym- said the blower motor died again. We went to Chompie's for dinner. I got an entire pot of chicken soup. I ate it for 3 meals after I got home.
At least the AC was fixed by about 3pm on Thursday, just before we had to leave for Jay's post-op appt. He got his sutures out. Most of them are internal though and don't get removed. I didn't make it to the gym, we ended up stopping and picking up the GT-R check on the way home.
Friday 5/31 last day of the month was crazy. Things were breaking at work. However, Jade slept from 7:30-6:15 and I slept from 9:30 to 6. It was so nice to get up before the alarm, Jade, Ginger... and just wake up on my own for once. If I didn't have a goood sleep, I don't know if I would have made it through the day. I even started and got most of my cleaning done on Friday.
Saturday I did my first Aerial class at Tough Lotus. It was a lot of fun. I was adventurous and tried Rubio's for dinner. It was DELICIOUS!
Sunday we did some hanging out and swimming. Ralph, Katherine and Jason came over. Monday- I had my last post-op appt. They took my 'after' pictures. I felt a little like I was being rushed out of there and it kind of annoyed me. I still haven't written my review for my free gift. first day of Frog lessons. Cadence has to be the youngest by like 2 years but she's right on par with the rest of them, which is awesome. We also dropped off all the paperwork for tutor time. Tuesday 6/4- first day of camp. Cadence did ok with lunch and just ate what she wanted. I picked her up and then took her to the gym with me. Then home for a quick dinner and off to swimming. They went to the movies and saw hotel transylvania. Wednesday Jay picked her up so I didn't have to take her with me to the gym. Then I took her solo to swimming and then we picked up dinner on the way home. Thursday she went ROLLER SKATING. She said it was fun. I ran to TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and ROSS before I picked her up. Got two pairs of capri's and 2 bras. Then we all went to swimming and Jade was a total terror. Still not sure where the weekend went. We had bryleigh's birthday party on Saturday. It was HOT, dropped cadence off at the sleepover and then we ran to the mall to return the bras and I think I've come pretty much full circle. Starting to work my 'extra time' this week so I can get 1/2 days on Fridays. bleh. I wanted to go to the gym but my throat is SORE today. ok enough for now I gotta pee

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