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May 22, 2013 - 9:17 am

3 week update

So where have I been these last three weeks? going crazy!
5/7 I had a post-op appt, which went well. Also a brooke appt and we went to red robin for lunch to get my free birthday sandwich.
For my birthday we took Cadence to school, went to Ihop for breakfast, picked up my baby half off order, relaxed, got a pedicure and then went to Chili's for my birthday dinner. Jade me a delicious and colorful birthday cake with tagalong dip filling and dinosaurs all over it. Ken, Erica, Jason, Josh and Bryan came over for cake and Jay got me a fancy apron that I wanted
5/9 first day back at the gym. It felt ok surprisingly.
5/10- Donna picked up Cadence for a sleepover! It felt weird not saying good night to her but she did awesome. We went grocery shopping at Wal-mart. Spent like $200 and two hours in there. What a fun friday night LOL.
5/11 took jade for a morning Jog, then we went to look at cars at BMW N Scottsdale, Audi N Scottsdale and Chandler Audi. Then I met Cadence's troop over at Build-A-Bear for their reward party and then took them to McDonalds. I missed the fire house tour and the ride on the fire truck though :(
It was a chinese dinner sort of night.
Sunday 5/12 was mother's day. It was the first one that I wasn't really sad about my mom. Got to go swimming with Cadence while Jade was napping. Got to go night swimming with Jay. And we traded in the GT-R for an Audi A4. That was probably the saddest part of my day. I was not ready to give it up yet, but they had offered Jay a lot more than he thought he'd get and we ended up making money on the car. I don't know how he does it every time. Besides all that, it wasn't very mother's day like. I made my own breakfast, I made leftover Chinese for lunch. Jay did make me a LGBT at like 10 at night after he got home from picking up Kevin at the airport. We also made these pretzels with a bake at home Auntie Annie's pretzel kit. Totally yummy. Ralph came to pick up his car (He left it at our house for the week and we got to borrow it at least- gave Bryan back the FJ and the Mini)

Week of 5/13- Mon, Tue, Wednesday & Saturday kosama and Friday I went for a jog. Totally rocked it this week.
Monday was "THE LAST MEAL" for Jay. Tuesday we got up at 4:30 and I drove him up for his surgery. Sat with him until about 6:30 then left to take cadence to school. Did that, then ran to the gym. The dr called about 9:50, just as I was finishing my class. I raced up there and then sat around until 11:30 before they called me back. Got him packed up and loaded into the car and home around 12. Made a quick dinner, but he seemed to be doing well.
Wednesday I had originally planned to take off the whole day but I worked in the afternoon. We had an appetizer dinner- jay cooked. Thursday I worked in the morning and then took off in the afternoon because Jay had his first follow up appt. Doc was pleased with how everything was going. In fact, we even went to Serrano's for dinner. Friday was cardio so that's why I opted for a morning run. Then we went back to Audi chandler and returned the A4 and got an A4 prestige s-line. It was just missing some features that we thought it had. This one was about $7k more so that means less back from the GT-R Trade. I didn't want to spend the money on a new car. If I had to go and take all the money out of savings to buy this car, I never would have done it. I had no problem taking the money out to buy the GT-R Because i knew we weren't going to keep it forever and we would get the money back. Now the bank account is $50 grand lighter and I have a car, but I'll never see that money again. I feel like I'm disappointing my mom. I didn't need such an expensive car. I don't even drive anywhere!
Saturday Donna & I ran to the council shop to pick up some pins, and then we went to Costco.

Week of 5/20-
Sunday was cleaning day. ALL DAY LONG. Even with two helpers, it took forever. Didn't even leave the house except to blow the leaves in the front. Wasted effort because Monday was windy as hell. Monday I took jay to his dr appt. He got his tubes out, which he was super pleased about. Cadence had a field trip to Bounce U. She had an awesome time. Monday night was cardio. I'm still staying away from that one. I wanted to go last night but I overstuffed myself on Cornish Pasty for lunch and felt like I was going to explode. Aiming for Thurs, Friday and Saturday this week.
I'm feeling pretty good. I hurt my shoulder blowing the leaves and I've been a little sore but nothing crazy.
Work has been a little bit busier. I'm actually getting rid of all my studios garbage and getting accounting work instead. I'm glad- it just opens the door for more opportunities when I finally leave.
ok that's it for now- that was an hour long update.

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