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April 17, 2013 - 9:58 am

the surgery

Well I did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Kosama last week. Judy came in Wednesday morning. Work was slow on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday night we went to Cheesecake factory and I stuffed my face. Friday was surgery day. I wasn't too nervous, just bored in the morning because we didn't have to leave until 10. Got there a few minutes early and got into preop right at 10:45. it didn't take too long. Took my vitals and weight signed some papers, peed in a cup and put a gown on. Then Jay & I sat in the back waiting area. He stayed with me until 11:30 then he had to go and get Cadence from school. I don't know what time I went in because I didn't have a watch or anything. The dr came in and drew on me, the anesthesiologist came in and explained things to me and I signed another form. Then the nurse came in and brought me back to the OR. I remember everything up until they knocked me out and it took maybe 30 seconds. Then I woke up in recovery sometime before 2. I remember asking for Jay- he was called and on his way, I remember asking what time it was. I remember asking what was on my eyes (lubricant to prevent cornea damage), they gave me some water and ice chips. Then I got my clothes on, in the wheelchair and home before 3. Jay went and got me sonic for lunch. I slept a lot of the day. Same with Saturday. I did get to go to Michaels to get my frames ordered though. Sunday more of the same in and out feeling. Monday I had my post op at 11. Kimberly the nurse said I looked really well, very little bruising and minimal swelling. I got my strap that I have to wear across the top of my chest to push them down. It's a bit uncomfortable, but not really painful. We stopped at Walgreens to pick up some advil since I wanted to stop taking the meds because I felt really fuzzy and got lunch too. Just hung out and relaxed, kinda bored. Not really sleepy but just very out of it. I took off Tuesday too. Head felt too fuzzy. Today I'm back to work. Still a bit fuzzy but it's getting better. 3 hours in and I've made a good dent in all the work I have to do. Totally crazy how in 3 days I was slammed but the whole week before I was not busy at all!
Today I have an appt with the doc just so he can see me since I haven't seen him since before my surgery and I believe next Tuesday the 23rd I get my sutures out but I'll find out today.
I'm not really in pain. I have some muscle soreness and pressure from the strap but neither is painful. I'm already lifting Jade and I'm not supposed to. How can I not? She loves mommy and no one is jumping up to help.
I'm finally going #2 (another lovely side effect of the anesthesia) but it's coming out like sludge a little bit at a time. (yes I know that's totally gross). I was told I need to try and drink more water so I'm up to 2 glasses and a cup of tea so far this morning.
But I better get back to work for now.

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