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March 22, 2013 - 2:38 pm

more cookies

another week flew by!
Saturday 3/16- cookie booth from 8-12. Only 30 boxes from 8-10 and then 50 more from 10-12. Then it was cleaning the house time. I spent all day doing that pretty much.
Sunday was such a wasted day. Went to walmart in the morning. Jade has now lost 2 earrings. Put her in for a rest when we got home. Fed the girls lunch when she got up, went to Donna's and took Lauren & Cadence out to sell cookies. They lasted about 1 hour and that was it. Then they played for about 2 hours. Jade started to get cranky so then we got gas and went home around 3. Put Jade in for a nap and then went to BJ's for dinner.
Monday- back to school! Didn't make it to the gym. Went out to Serrano's with Bryan. Monday is a bit of a blur to me.
Tuesday- Back to Kosama! Picked up cookies for the booth & started playing around with the incentives.
Wednesday- KOsama x2! Cookie cupboard x2 LOL! We now have 102 to sell for the booth - 27 of Pria's. I submitted the incentive orders and was able to get Cadence the beach towel and the trip to wet and wild.
Thursday- Work and then a trip to the dr for my annual and so i can get my medical clearance. Jay dropped me off and then I had to wait for him to pick me up. Having 1 car sucks! kickboxing kicked my ass. Down to 98 booth cookies. Cadence is unstoppable!
Friday- Ran out for my bloodwork at lunch. Got my mammogram appt booked for Tuesday. I will be all set for next Thursday's pre-op. I'm so excited. Less than 3 weeks away! Jay is still up in the air. It's the money thing. If it wasn't so expensive he would do it.
We have a cookie booth scheduled from 4-6 with Pria and then another one on Sunday from 12-4. I'm hoping we sell a lot of cookies tonight so I don't have to be there all 4 hours on Sunday and we can just pack up when we are out.
Saturday Cadence has a daisy workshop at the AMY (Arizona Museum for the Youth) so I'll walk around with Jade while she's doing that. Then we have Lauren's birthday party from 4-6. Sunday cookie booth. Somebody might look at my car this weekend and Josh needs to come by and pick up his cookies. I also have to make a trip to the bank and deposit some cookie money.

I hope after Sunday I don't even have to mention cookies to anybody!

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