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March 15, 2013 - 10:26 am

finishing up my back track

ok so I wanted to post that entry before I got more distracted- it took me about 1/2 an hour and I only got 2 out of 3 weeks caught up!
I'm going to try to go forward from 2/25-3/2.
2/25 girl scout night. Got almost all of the money from everyone, which was pretty surprising!
Tuesday, I did a run to the bank to deposit it all! I also got a handwritten W2 from TD and got our taxes filed- HOORAY! Jay made Samoas waffles and then we got qdoba for lunch. This is where things are starting to get fuzzy. We did a lot of running around for the party this week. Wednesday, not much to report it seem. Thursday I had to go with Jay to pick up the GTR from the painter. I then attempted to take both girls to the gym with me. Now that there's no seat carrier to keep Jade in, she ran around like a maniac and I had to leave halfway through. I was annoyed and frustrated. It was the only day I even made it that week and I only got in 1/2 a workout.
Friday I started getting ready for the party, cleaning up outside, etc. Saturday 3/2 Jade's birthday! We went to IHOP early for her free pancake breakfast then ran to Fry's and got her flowers and a few other things we needed. Picked up some stuff from party city. Then came home and relaxed before I had to go to the booth from 12-4. Jay picked up Cadence at 2 and then helped me pack up at 4. They did great! Then we had lots of cooking to do! Shells, pierogi, meat balls, pasta salad. We made tagalong dip and it was absolutely delicious!

I think that's about all I got- another 20 minutes down

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