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February 25, 2013 - 10:59 am

Almost 1 year old

So I had wanted to write a regular entry last week as well to catch up on the happenings of February but I just did not have time. Work has been CRAZY, but it looks like I have time for a breather today.
The week of 2/10 I was 4/6 for Kosama and finished the week strong. New class- K-ROCK which was a half body-weight and half kettle bell class. I liked it.
Tuesday I was on and off- Jade wasn't feeling well, poor thing.
Valentines day was uneventful as far as the love goes. Jay made a lasagna and bought flowers for the girls. We exchanged cards and watched fun-size, the nick movie with victoria justice. I had to pick up cadence from school so I took her to Sonic for a slushie.
I took Jade to the doctor because her fever hit 103. Turns out she has bronchitis. So had to go to walgreens and get her on some antibiotics. So I took a 2 hour "lunch" per say but I know I made that hour up anyway.
Saturday early morning kickboxing, bathed Cadence and Jade and then was out slinging cookies at 11 at our first cookie booth. Cadence did AWESOME! Not once did I hear "I'm tired" or "I'm bored" from her or Lauren. I was extremely proud of them! I gave ginger a bath when we got home. Then later that night we went food shopping. Cadence had a meltdown. I could tell- she was tired.
Sunday was cleaning day. At least Jay helped and we got it all done.
Monday was presidents day. I skipped Kosama and went door to door with Cadence. She sold 10 boxes in like 15 houses. She did pretty good ringing the doorbell while I stood back- those 20 boxes I took from the booth Saturday were gone! So we went to Donna's and raided her stash and then went out to dinner at Serrano's (chip store!)
Tuesday I took Cadence out again to sell. She wanted to go! Skipped Kosama. Jason and ken came over for pulled pork dinner. I had soup.
Wednesday I just didn't feel great so I skipped. We didn't go out- it was raining. Made Fried Samoas Shrimp with some Samoas. It was pretty delicious.
Thursday I took an hour and ran some errands as work was a little light. Wells Fargo, picked up Cadence's incentives, picked up Jade's babyhalf off order, and BOA. Then I splurged and stopped at BK on the way home and got a fish sandwich. I DID go to Kosama and work it off though. Full from burger king, we just did salad with nuggets for dinner. Then we ran to the cupboard and picked up another 9 cases because out of the 50 I took from Donna, we sold 47 of them. I freecycled the elmo gym because nobody showed any interest, even for $10 and the lady who picked it up bought 5 boxes of cookies LOL!
Thursday night Jade slept ALL NIGHT LONG. Well she woke up once around 12:30, I picked her up gave her a hug and held her for a minute or two and then put her back to sleep. Friday morning was the first time I woke up in I don't know how long without a baby in the bed with me!
My Thursday BK started a spree of bad food though. Friday we got Domino's pasta bread bowls for dinner. Bryan and Ken came by for a bit. I went to bed around 10-10:30, I was tired. Saturday we got bagels from einstein brothers and then 9am circuit class. It was tough. Came home and then spent 3 hours pulling weeds, picking up dog poo and raking. EXHAUSTED. Then we ran to lowes and walmart. Leftover dominos for dinner and then watched some TV. Jade did it again. Woke up twice, but both times got her back in bed after a couple of minutes.
Sunday, no baby but Jade did decide that she wanted to get up at 5:50 AM. I got her to relax for about 20 minutes, but that was it. Another bagel this morning and finally got that recall addressed for my car. It was so windy! We wanted to finish the yardwork but just couldn't. Around 2:30 I took Cadence back out to sell more cookies. She sold another 15 or so. Jay came with us for round 2.
So far Cadence is at 338 sold boxes. If she hits 400, she'll get the blanket. 62 more? She just might do it! We'll have to buy some more before this is over and she now has 2 booths because the other girl didn't take it. That's Angel. Her mom is going to cause a stink over the cookie booth sales because she thinks the booth profit should be split evenly between all 4 girls. Two girls are doing 2 hour shifts. The profit is divided by shift. If the girls aren't there, why should they get credit for cookies sold? I just want to drop Cadence off at the meeting and leave because I don't want to deal with her. I didn't think there would be drama with DAISY'S. At least she is a first grader and won't be in the troop next year. Donna is kicking them out into another troop (if they even want to continue with GS's) So I'll be skipping Kosama tonight and collecting some cash for cookies. Jade slept well again last night. Got up at 11, 2:30 and then 5:50. I tried to get her to go back to sleep but she was ready to start her day. I think just being sick and her teeth coming in might have been the reason for all of those restless nights. She's almost like a different person. We also have her facing forward in the car now and she seems to like that better as well.
I can't believe it's almost her birthday. This year was gone in the blink of an eye. It is crazy.

Oh I found out today that TD messed up my w-2. They were supposed to report my disability earnings on it. So now I have to wait for them to send me a corrected one. I have no idea how long this is going to take or when we will be able to file our taxes.

I signed Cadence up for a Daisy workshop when she's on spring break. 2 hours a day M-Th and they earn a journey patch. Lauren's signed up too. I bet she'll have a blast.
Today's grandma's birthday- 81! This week is going to be busy getting ready for the party. Saturday we have a cookie booth but we plan on ihop for Jade's birthday and then Sunday is the party. I took off Monday to do the well visit, 12 month pictures and I made my appt with Brooke as well.

It may have taken me an hour to write but I actually am please with this update for the last two weeks. I don't have many gaps in my memory for once!

Remembering Kathy Caffrey:
Kathy was a great woman and baker. I truly appreciated everything she did for me in high school and college. Keeping in touch with her after all of these years helped me stay in touch with Tara as well. I truly will miss her.

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