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February 01, 2013 - 10:13 am

so much for more updates

so much for "trying to update more frequently". January was crazy.
I'm going to go in reverse week order
This week 1/27-2/1: Been battling a stomach bug: Me, Jay, Jade AND Cadence. Thought it was a 24 hour thing, but apparently not! It seems to be making a 2nd round on everyone. Sunday we were supposed to go to Kira's birthday party but since Cadence was throwing up Saturday night, Becky said she didn't want us there. Monday night was girl scouts. It's nice to see Cadence having fun and making friends. Tuesday afternoon, I felt it coming and by Tuesday night I was sick. Wednesday Jay & I were pretty much dead. Jade roamed the house, we were passed out. I somehow managed to drive Cadence to school in the morning. Jason picked her up with Jay. Yesterday I was back to work, trying to catch up & launch this new Body Armor site. I'm in a more comfortable position now, that's why I decided to do an update. No Kosama this week. I'm not going today and tomorrow I have to register the girls for swimming so I can't go tomorrow. Last night Ken, Erica and Jason came over for dinner. Jay made eggplant parm. It was nice to have friends over, but I hope they don't get sick!!

Week of 1/20-1/26: This week was filled with cookie sales and Kosama! Cadence managed to sell 215 boxes in the presale, which is awesome!
Sunday 1/20, we went to Chili's and Walmart. It was a hard day for me. I wanted to get out and do something fun but I spent a lot of the day crying. I was super busy with work but didn't feel like really doing anything! I did a side-by-side comparison of Jade & Cadence at 10 months. They look a lot alike, but Cadence had a much chunkier face. I did 5/6 Kosama this week. Wednesday I had a killer headache in the afternoon- I think it was just the change in temperature/pressure. It was in the 20's at the beginning of the week and then the 70's by Wednesday. We went to Floor & Decor at lunch to check out tile and get some ideas for the other bathroom. Saturday 1/26 I finally made it to Brooke, jinxing our health by taking about it.

Week of 1/13-1/19: Girl scouts on Monday. I gave my little cookie presentation. They were learning about money and Cadence was the only one who knew that cookies cost $4.00 per box! I trained her well and it made me proud LOL. Only did 1 kickboxing class on Wednesday this week 1/6, pretty terrible. I took off friday afternoon 1/18 because I wanted to go see the dinosaur exhibit and do something fun to take my mind off my mom, but Cadence got a yellow dot on Thursday and she wouldn't tell Jay why so he punished her before they even got home from school and I had no say in the matter. Well it was the last weekend of the exhibit and I didn't get to go. I was pretty upset. Friday I ended up taking a nap and I spent most of Saturday cleaning and crying. I really don't think we did much all week!

From the last update 1/9-1/12: I did get an order placed with winkflash. I missed free shipping but prints went back on sale again.
Saturday 1/12 Cadence TIED HER OWN SHOE! So proud of her! We also went to Longhorn steakhouse to use the gift card Jason got us for Christmas. It was pretty delicious but since it just opened up out here it was so busy! We had to order Jade her OWN meal. We also went to the girl scout shop with Donna and Lauren in the morning.
This week was 5/6 for Kosama as well.

It's like I have a great week 5 or 6/6 and then a skip week and then back to a great week and then a skip week. I had intentions of making it a great week. Monday was girl scouts so I had to miss, but if it wasn't for this bug, I would have been there. I have to figure out a schedule when swimming starts. At least it's only 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks. I could do it saturdays for the 2nd session but then it's only 4 and they are in May and we might not be here for one.
This update is taking me way too long to write- I'm almost at an hour. I have to get back to it, but it's so hard to think back in time, especially when I don't post on FB much and I don't use babylogger. I can't remember where I've been or what I've been doing. Not much of anything. We've hardly even gone out to eat or anything either.
Today's Friday, Cadence has a half day. I need to get some stuff done before she gets home. I've already made 3 trips to the bathroom this morning. I want to get the house cleaned and disinfected this weekend. Cadence has a birthday party tomorrow as well. Other than that, no plans for the week. Can't believe Jade is going to be 11 months old tomorrow. Gotta finish up our taxes once I get my 1099 for disability (which needed to be mailed by yesterday). I'm pretty sure that's the only thing I am missing. I feel like the first half of the month dragged and now the last half flew by.

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