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December 21, 2012 - 8:26 am

preparing for Christmas

So it's been almost 3 weeks, and man they have been crazy.
Week of 12/2: Kosama x4
Monday 12/3 Cadence had her first girl scout meeting. She liked it. I had taken off and went to the gym at lunchtime.
Tuesday 12/4 Cadence had her Christmas concert. She sang really loud and it was cute. Just wish they had it in a bigger place with more seats. There were people reserving 2 and 3 rows- totally not fair.
Saturday was cleaning day. Scrubbing the kitchen floor and I noticed the kitchen cabinet was leaking... well the faucet broke and the whole cabinet was flooded with water- UGH. So we had to get one of those! I did get my cards ordered over the weekend.
Week of 12/9: Kosama x0 I took the week off. Just didn't feel great- neck/back hurt, stomach was bothering me, etc.
Sunday we went to costco and Chili's for dinner. I don't really remember much of last week. I've been anti-facebook so I have no idea what I've been up to.
Got all the Christmas cards sent out by Wednesday 12/12 (Not too shabby). Thursday Jay got the 2012 GTR and then we hid it at Bryan's house. I'm trying not to think about it much. I know Friday we went to red robin for dinner and it was delicious.
Friday something tragic also happened. In Newtown CT, there was a shooting at an elementary school. 20 6 and 7 year old kids were shot and 6 adult faculty. The gunman, a 20 year old, also killed his mother before he went to the school and then shot himself as well. They don't know why he went there and killed all those kids. It is so sad to even think about it. But it all happened within a matter of minutes and some were shot several times so at least they didn't suffer. Even just writing about it is making me tear up. Sending Cadence to school, you think she'd be safe there and not have to worry about it. Her school started locking the office door this week as a result. My hearts go out to all the families who lost little ones. One was half of a set of twins. One twin survived. That poor family!

When things like this happen, it makes my blog seem meaningless, but I really only write it for me. So I can look back in 5, 10 years and see what I was up to.

Last weekend was cookie weekend. We were finished by 5 on Sunday with everything. We made: lace cookies, rainbow cookies, sugar, butter, Italian butter sandwich, oatmeal, chocolate chip, black & white, peanut butter cups, gingerbread, peanut butter kiss, birds nests, and Linzer cookies. The only ones I was disappointed with were the oatmeal- they came out a little flat.
So I've been eating a lot of cookies everyday LOL.
This week: Kosama so far 4 out of 4, trying for 6
Monday I had off again. Did Kosama during the day, picked Cadence up from school and did all sorts of crazy stuff like list stuff on ebay, get my donation together for Goodwill, did my cookie training. I'm going to be a cookie mom for the Girl Scouts. Tuesday back to work. Wednesday we went to see Jason graduate from ASU. It's was actually pretty short- was kind of surprised! But glad we could make it there and support him.
Yesterday our tree FINALLY Came. What a joke. The tree is just 5 ft tall and is so skinny. Jay went out and got a REAL tree that looks beautiful last night and only spent $40, when I spent $60. I did get my money back. Yesterday was also Cadence's school party. I went to enjoy the festivities. Cadence gets so upset when people make her a plate of food. She ended up eating the cookie and the doritos. She got a book from Mrs Kitchen and from the class book exchange. It was fun.
I'm almost done for the day- they have the holiday party today and then an early closing.
I'm off all next week. I'll carry over five days too. As soon as Jay gets home, we are going to go food shopping and then pick up Cadence from school and then run by Adam & Brooke's to drop off their cookies and then come home and decorate the tree. We also have to do the gingerbread house kit that I bought and we want to see monsters inc in 3-d AND i have to clean the house this weekend.

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