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November 01, 2012 - 9:31 am

busy fun week

So it's November already!
Jay left last night for SEMA; He'll be back late tomorrow night. I am on kid-duty for the next two days. Monday, Hurricane Sandy slammed into NJ causing crazy flooding. Dana's parents lost everything- they had 4 feet of water in their house. Their cars are totaled too. Of course they were told to evacuate so really it's partially their fault for not doing it. It makes me a little bit angry. It reminds me of the Seton Hall Fire. When the fire alarm went off, kids thought it was a prank and didn't leave. 3 people died and a bunch were injured. If the fire alarm goes off, no matter how cold it is outside, LEAVE THE BUILDING. If the police tell you to evacuate the area because you are in danger, YOU SHOULD DO IT! Same thing happened in New Orleans. There wouldn't have been as many lives lost if people just left. Luckily everyone is ok as far as I know.
So I haven't done any work this week. I can't- Frank shut everything down Sunday. There's no internet circuit so I can't login. I can look at my email, but that's about it. I'm supposed to have 1/2 a day today and tomorrow. I took them since i'm home alone with jade. So I should be wrapping up around 1:40 today, then I have to pick up Cadence.
Last night was Halloween. It was fun. Went to quite a few houses this year, more than any other year. We also decorated the pumpkins. Ginger ATE Jade's pumpkin yesterday so I had to scrounge around to find one. Tuesday, I did lots of cooking! I made honey cashew chicken for dinner, I made a fruit tart, I made cupcakes for Ginger's birthday and food for jade- kale, prunes, cauliflower, green beans, acorn squash, pears, roasted turnips. We decorated Halloween cookies too. I was pretty much in the kitchen all day long.
Monday, I can't really remember much of it. I was grocery shopping with Jade for 2 hours from like 12 to 2. I think we watched a movie Monday- in time. It was pretty cool. I liked the concept.
Sunday was our wedding anniversary- 7 years! We dropped the kids off at Brooke's around 2 and went to the movies and saw Here comes the Boom and then went to Kona Grill. We picked them up around 6:30. They were both good and it was nice to get out alone.
Jade has been sleeping pretty well this week. She now has the other front bottom tooth popping out. I have not gone to Kosama at all. Just way too much going on; too much to do. Want to get there today though. Debating on going for 12 with just Jade or taking both of them with me at 4:25. At least if Jade cries, Cadence can take care of her.
Saturday was cleaning day. Got the whole house cleaned. Jay did mop the floor. My arms were shot after kickboxing Saturday morning and then to Brooke's.
Friday we went to the Halloween party at the community center. They had games and cadence went up on stage and danced. It was cute. I actually took off Friday and slept all day. I got like 3 hours of sleep the night before and they weren't in a row. Anytime Jade napped, I napped too and that was all I did.
Thursday we went to Shnepp farm out in QC to pick pumpkins. They had all sorts of rides too. It was a lot of fun. Another late night!
Wednesday we had the Halloween decorating class at the community center and then a Daisy scout meeting. Someone hit my car when I was at the meeting and destroyed my drivers door. I didn't make it to Kosama Wednesday... or Thursday for that matter.
Monday Tuesday I did, so I was 4 for 6 last week and 6 for 6 the week before. Add that to my two weeks of 1 each and that makes 12 for October.
Weekend of 10/19-21: Got Cadence's first fundraiser for cookie dough. Not selling any of it! Way too much money and completely unhealthy. Went to IHOP on Sunday for breakfast. It was delicious. Got my Halloween costume from Spirit. Picked up a new bathroom scale, gave Jay a haircut, got all of my pics organized and sent off along with the thank you cards for Cadence. Nothing much too exciting.
phew! Now that's an update!

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