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September 19, 2012 - 2:18 pm

productive lunch hours

ok so where did the last 9 days go?!
Last week we got some stuff done. Went to Fry's, went to Costco, went to Party City. We did them all at lunchtime so one less child to tote around. Friday after school we went for pictures in Scottsdale. They turned out really nice. I did 4 days of Kosama again. Monday, Wed, Thurs, Sat. I didn't go Friday because of pictures, but I did get in a run with Jade! Saturday night we went to red lobster for dinner. It wasn't that good.... again. Sunday I took Cadence to Dunkin Donuts and we got a donut. We also did a little swimming. The pool is getting a bit cold so we put the cover on to keep it warm for next weekend.
Monday Jay did more of the grout in the kitchen and yesterday we went to Cornish Pasty for lunch. Today we went to the Chiropractor and picked up my babyhalfoff order. I've had some bad headaches the last two days, seeing blind spots, etc. I haven't been to Kosama this week.
Jade is crawling like a maniac and pulling up to stand, but gets mad because she can't go anywhere. She's been sleeping a little better the last few nights. Waking up twice to eat and maybe once or twice to just put her binkie back in her mouth. Cadence is doing great at school. She tried a grape this weekend.
That's about it, just same ol same ol. Trying to spend time with and enjoy my family

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