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September 10, 2012 - 1:46 pm

gonna be a busy month!!

So Friday I skipped Kettlebells and then went on Saturday. Other than that, didn't leave the house this weekend. Spent a lot of time playing games and puzzles with Cadence and hanging out with Jade. It's nice to just slow down and enjoy the girls once in a while. Jay made lasagna on Saturday and Cadence tried that. She said she liked it but I have to force feed her every bite. Jade is getting faster at crawling now. Jay jailbroke my phone so I was messing aroud with that. Jade didn't sleep so well this weekend so Sunday after she went in for a nap, I went back to sleep for a bit. Last night she slept 7 hours straight! Me? I couldn't fall asleep and was up until after 2 and then Jade was up before 6 so I got less than 4 hours :( Figures!
Started reposting baby stuff on Craigslist today to try and get rid of it before Judy comes since it's all shoved in the closet in the office over here. Whatever I can't seel by the 22nd, I'll just donate and take the tax write-off and put that money in jade's bank account from our refund. We have a lot to do before the party. i got a living social deal for an entertainer/magic show, ballonist, etc. Instead of the bounce house. Mix it up and it was cheaper.
Have to plan the party, go food shopping, cook food, get the decorations, finish cleaning & sealing the grout in the kitchen, rent a carpet cleaner and clean all the carpets. Clean the house this weekend and then the 29th, which will be the day before the party, clean outside. Maybe I'll take off the Friday before to get stuff done. At least the birthday shopping is done & presents are wrapped.
Oh been meaning to mention this. When I went for my massage, the lady asked me if I grind my teeth or clench my jaw and I said "not that I've noticed", but holy hell, I do it a lot. I've been making a conscious effort not to do it now.

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