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September 07, 2012 - 2:37 pm

6months to Jade and Kosama

So not much happened labor day weekend. Friday I had 1/2 a day so we got all the cleaning done. Saturday, Jay was gone most of the day. I did laundry, and went to Kosama to get evaluated, which didn't happen because they were in the middle of having the floor redone. I did run to Target to get rayne's gift and I picked up the framed pics of Jade, which turned out really nice. I enjoyed some alone time, not even two hours but it was a nice break.
Sunday, Jade's half birthday, we went to waffle house- YUM, and then we met Parker & Family at Peter Piper Pizza for their reward on a great month of school! Went swimming too.
Monday did a little shopping at Kohls, Sports Authority (didn't get anything there). Jason came over and helped Jay clean the garage and then James stopped by and had burgers with us for dinner.
Tuesday I took 1/2 a day in the afternoon so we could go to Jade's 6 month appointment. Did some birthday shopping for Cadence & more chistmas shopping. I got a pretty big chunk done. Had Yogi's for lunch and picked up Cadence. Started my Kosama training. It was good, but as the week is going on I'm still sore. I did Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Man I do not feel like going today. I have about an hour to decide. Today is the same thing as Tuesday, kettleballs. They were tough. Yesterday was Kickboxing, which was fun but tiring. I like it, but after my month is over, then I'm done. I don't want to pay $90 a month.
Jay & I are trying to see if we can find a gym we can go to together with childcare.
Jade is crawling a lot more now. I need to make sure the floors are clean. She's also been sleeping a lot better this week. I hope it's not just a phase!!
Cadence got 1 purple and one light blue dot this week at school. She even tried a peanutbutter sandwich and liked it! She tried a jelly one too, but didn't eat the whole thing. I think school is helping her to try new things- like if her friends have it for lunch she wants to try it. So that makes me happy. Starting to plan for her birthday party. Less than 3 weeks until her 5th birthday. I can't believe it!
Oh Mike had a little girl today- Natalie.

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