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August 21, 2012 - 2:47 pm

10 years later

wow, august 10th? Really?
ok weekend of 8/11-12. It was a backwards weekend. Did the cleaning on Sunday and the pooltime on Saturday. Red robin was DELICIOUS. Gave Ginger a bath outside with the hose. She did pretty good.
Last week was the first full week of Kindergarten. Big problem with hot lunch tuesday & Thursday. Cadence refused to eat her meals and just ate the roll.
Had issues with Cox internet all week. Got a tech out Thursday and apparently it was our inside line and our splitter which means it's gonna cost us $60 for the service call.
Also found out that Barbara & Tibby booked their plane tickets! they are coming out the last week of September for 2 weeks. I'm excited to see them. Judy will also overlap a few days with them too. We are trying to figure out what day to have Cadence's birthday party.
Cadence finished up swimming on the 16th and is moving on to Turtles come next year! Jay had 1 paint class last week, but the other ones got cancelled.
Jade is now sitting up on her own. You have to prop her up, but once she's up she stays pretty good. She scoots all over the place and rolls around like a psycho.
Last weekend we didn't do much. Went swimming Saturday, couple of errands on Sunday and we got the jadeprints done. I ordered the framing for Jade. We also went to BF WANGS for me and jay's 10 year meeting anniversary. Holy crap- 10 years we've been together?! And this blog is older than that!
This week back to work. Tired. Jade's been getting up at least twice a night now again. Growth spurt? I'm barely getting 3 hours of sleep at a time. It's pretty awful.
Still trying to get into GoDaddy. Jay's friend said today that the director is interested in me for possibly 2 positions (not the ones I applied for though). I don't care. I just need out of TDS. 9 years is way too long and I don't know what is happening over there.
All I know is I had a boatload of stuff to do today and I didn't get much done. I'm still pretty much watching Jade all day, which is hard when I have work to do. And now it's 3 and I should be logging off, but I wanted to write here first because I don't always get time, especially when Cadence gets home so I'll finish up this and then do some more work until she gets home from school.
I did start my christmas shopping today! Just trying to get organized. Oh and the mortgage company FINALLY cashed the payment due july 1st so things are up to date.

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