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August 10, 2012 - 11:55 am


So I'm feeling better as far as my breast infection goes. It seems to be cleared up. Last weekend we didn't do much. Relaxed (sorta). I did get all the pictures ordered for Jade, Grandma, etc. That took me like 3 hours on Saturday plus whatever other day I was working on it. Ended up not signing up cadence for more swimming. She's not old enough to do it online (says they have to be 5 and then 5.5) We ran a few placed over the weekend- costco, buy buy baby to return that horrible mold, michaels. Jay & I watched the Dictator (with Ali G) It was funny.
Monday she started seahorse at Folley pool. That pool sucks. It's just old looking and small. Then we had to run to back to school night. We got a completely different supply list than the one they had online! Tuesday Cadence started Kindergarten!! I brought her in the morning and she was fine. Then we both picked her up and ran to big lots to get some more supplies. Then swimming. Wednesday I took 1/2 a day and got a haircut, pedicure and my eyebrows & lip waxed. We also went food shopping and got the car titled. I signed up for Kosama in September!
This week was just a bit crazy with school and swimming. Half day today and then no swimming tonight. We are going to head out to lunch at red robin today. Need to get the house cleaned this weekend. Not looking forward to that.
We decided to cancel on that house. I don't think we are getting the other one either so I guess we will just keep looking. I also just switched our homeowners insurance to liberty mutual since allstate went through the roof since we cancelled our auto with them last year.
Hey I finally got my $20 back from urgent care! Now i have to fight the eye doctor because the same thing happened again!!
Maybe this weekend I can get to Michaels and put in the custom framing order for Jade's prints. Also have to do her hand/footprints

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