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July 16, 2012 - 1:21 pm

taking a look back

So coming up to the 10 year anniversary of the day we met, I wanted to look back and see what was going on 5 years ago. I didn't write much in 2007. Pregnant, looking for a place to live, upset about my mom being sick. That was pretty much it. Didn't write much about Jay & I at all.
Then I also wanted to do a Jade/Cadence comparison so I read a little more. Didn't write too much about Cadence either, except that I was so in awe with her, but my mom's death overshadowed any entries about Cadence. Although I did write that she was sleeping 7-8 hours a night and rolling over by 3 months.
Jade rolled over for the first time on Friday the 13th. She does the back to belly roll. Can't figure out how to get on her back again just yet. Now she rolls around all over in the crib and gets wedged in the corner.
Had to work all last week, missed Cadence's swimming lessons because she was in the 9am one (the only available). After 1 session as a duck, she got moved up to seahorse! So Thursday I had to call and I got her switched into Seahorse starting today. I also signed her up for sesion 5 at a different pool. That way she gets the 4 full weeks of seahorse and then could start into Turtle next year (or if I find a place that does lessons all year long maybe keep her in that). She is doing so great though!
This week she is in camp again. We dropped her off this morning. I like the quiet in the house. School starts in less than 3 weeks. I'm waiting for them to post the uniform & school supply list. It was supposed to be done today but nothing yet.
Jade has conquered oatmeal, banana, avocado and has started carrots today. I'm making her food myself. Banana and Avocado were super easy. We bought a couple of packaged carrot, as long as she has no reaction, I'll make more for her myself. It's not terribly difficult; I'm sure it costs a lot less AND is better for her.
She's still keeping me up at night- waking up around 3. Last night wasn't terrible. She went to bed at 8, up around 4 and then up at 6 right when I got up. The day before she was up at 12:30, then Cadence came in around 2:30 then Jade again at 4:30 and then sometime between 6 and 7 Cadence hunted me down to make her breakfast and then Jade was up too. I was a beast yesterday morning- just sooo tired.
Nothing exciting happened since I last wrote. We went to toys r us and got a birthday present for Presley, Cadence's little friend. They had a pool party on the 8th so we drove up there and spent most of the day. Jade was really good, I have to say and Cadence had fun. I splurged and bought a new blender. I got my replacement parts but then the motor stopped working. So I've been concocting all sorts of stuff in the blender.
Work has been busy with Studios stuff. I'm glad I'm busy but I don't really like this type of work. It doesn't make me think or challenge me. It's boring work.
This weekend all I wanted to do was go swimming and relax. It had to monsoon out this weekend of course! Not that I didn't enjoy the rain but what a disappointment. We went to IHOP breakfast on Saturday. The balloon lady was not there again & then Costco. I got in the pool for maybe 10 minutes on Sunday then Jade woke up and she didn't want to be in the water.
Jay & I? Well I think all is well after 10 years. Right now I'm having some issues, which are from breastfeeding/hormones etc, but I still make sure his needs are met. I just have no desire to partake in anything myself. Sleep is more important right now.
I have less than 7 weeks left if I am sticking to my 6 months of breastfeeding. It went by really quick. I haven't had to supplement with formula ONCE. My milk supply does seem lower, not pumping a lot, but I have a lot stored in the fridge. I just wonder how long that will last once I have to crack into the reserves!
ugh- Jade woke up and I lost my train of thought!

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