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July 06, 2012 - 2:16 pm

going backwards

so going back to June 19th, 20th:

The 20th, which was Wednesday, we went to 2 more schools: Primrose and Leading Edge. Leading Edge is a charter school k-5. They tested Cadence for kindergarten and SHE PASSED! Jay & I got a great vibe from the principal and the teacher. It's a bit far (Guad & Lindsey) but it's FREE, it's KINDERGARTEN, and it was the best school we saw. She starts Aug 7th 8:15-3:15 M-Th and until 12:15 on Fridays. So that was one crazy week, but felt so much better once it was over with.
Thursday the 21st I went to the doctor and was released from my walking cast! Hooray!! He gave me some stretching exercises to do but no PT or anything like that. It felt really weird to put 2 shoes on.
Even put Jade back in her room that night instead of in the pack & play by our bed. No casualties so far.
Parker, Jude & Brooke came over Friday for swimming.
Saturday we went out to dinner with Mark, Becky & the kids to Porkopolis. (told you it was a busy week!!)
Spent pretty much the whole weekend trying to get the house cleaned & reorganized Cadence's closet. Got it all done, by like 9pm on Sunday :(
Monday, I had a cryptic meeting on my calendar for 6:30 am. They changed our employee status so if you work over 40 hours you can get paid overtime, but 35-40 hours is not overtime. I will probably never be 40+ hours, but now I have to use this dumb online time clock thing to log my time.
Tuesday I took off because Jay & Jason left super early to go to Colorado so Jay could buy this Forester. Me and the girls hung out, went swimming. We went to Cadence's swimming lesson with Jason's hot leather car.
Thursday was the last day of her swimming class. She passed shrimp and moved up to Duck.
Friday, last day of the month the cable went out at like 1:30. I had stuff to get done but couldn't. I was so frustrated. Saturday, Becky & the kids came over for swimming and lunch. Sunday Cox was here. I know we are going to get charged for the service call. I ended up doing some work. We went out to dinner at red lobster with Ken, Erica, Mark, Becky & the kids. Got some more swimming in, watched some xgames, went to Costco.
Monday we had 9am swimming lesson, then Jade's 4 month checkup. 26" and 14.4lbs. She's got an inch and over a pound from Cadence's 4 month. I think Monday was also food shopping day.
Tuesday- swimming and then we went to see Brave in 3d. I mixed up the times and looked at the wrong one, otherwise, we would have seen it in regular 2d. Then we made Aunt Dawn a build a bear for her birthday, and then we went to Chompies for lunch. It was delicious. We got some bakery to go as well. It was pretty humid Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. It rained on Wednesday finally, but stopped in time for fireworks.
Tuesday I also broke the blender :( and we started Jade on baby oatmeal. She loved it.
Wednesday Jay bbq'ed some delicious chicken and then we went out by the airport to watch the fireworks.
I really enjoyed my 5 days off just spending time with the family, doing some fun stuff. Yesterday was back to work and it was crazy busy. Today it was busy in the morning but it's friday in the summer and a lot of places were closed this week so after 12 it was dead. Gave me some time to catch up here and I also started writing a letter to my grandma.
Gotta clean the house this weekend, change the oil in the car. Doesn't sound like a fun weekend.

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