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June 19, 2012 - 9:03 am


So last Tuesday we got the letter. She didn't get accepted into kindergarten. So all week I've been on a hunt for schools. Yesterday we went to 1, I have 2 lined up for today; 2 for tomorrow, and I also found out that she could do open enrollment at Tempe if she passes their evaluation. So we'll check out the schools today and tomorrow and see, and then maybe find out about Tempe on Thursday or Friday. It's just frustrating because I didn't have a backup plan, and now I feel like I'm rushing. I did find out that Kindergarten is not mandatory in this state so she could do any type of program and then try to test into first grade next year.
I had a pretty horrible migraine for 3 days last week and went to bed early a couple of nights. Cadence finished up her 2 weeks at Bridges summer camp. And she finished up her first session of Shrimp swim lessons.
We didn't do much this weekend. Went swimming, went to big lots. The car battery died in the parking lot. Ralph had to come give us a jumpstart. Sunday was Father's Day. We made Jay a card and I got him an Omaha steaks package so he's been eating that.
Jade's been giggling more a lot. I love it. Tried to figure out what she weighs and I think it's around 14lbs. All I know is that car seat is getting heavy.
Work has been slow & quiet. Frank's been working on the remote connection so I've had a bit of down-time as well.
We signed all the paperwork for that house, we are just waiting on the bank to approve the short sale.
I'm ready for a nap today. I had a call at 7am so I had to make sure I was up and functioning before then. It's only quarter after 9 now. Got about an hour and a half before we have to leave. Also have to work on edits of jades pictures. Got a few done, but still have 5-6 more. ugh

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