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June 12, 2012 - 8:49 am

another house

Well last weekend wasn't anything exciting. Jade didn't even get dressed on Saturday. I did send Jay food shopping. Saturday night I banged my middle toe on my right foot trying to put dirty clothes in the closet. It was all swollen and bruised. It still hurts, wonder if I broke it or not.
Monday Cadence started camp/preschool. For going all day she adjusted well. She doesn't like 'rest time' though. She also started swimming lessons . I only went with her Monday and Thursday to swimming. Tuesday I didn't feel too great, and Wednesday I was so tired. Health insurance went up $10 a paycheck for next year for the exact same plan/coverage. Every time I go to the dr for my foot now it's $50. I'm already at $200 out of my pocket for this foot.
I made Jay take me out last week and we went to Walmart to pick up a couple of things. Thursday I got my cast off! Foot is healing so I'm in the boot for 2 weeks. We also took Cadence for her kindergarten evaluation. We should know this week if she gets in or not. Then I started cleaning the house thursday afternoon. And Friday all day because I had no work to do. And Saturday I still had to finish up the kitchen, and Sunday the kitchen floor, but everything is clean. It was pretty gross. Some stuff was 5 weeks since it was cleaned. Jay had to help me a little with the shower and the up high parts but for the most part I did everything.
It is so great to have this cast off and be able to pick up Jade and take her in the other room or carry a drink, shower... Saturday we even went swimming! Saturday I also made myself 2 strong mojitos and passed out on the couch. Then I felt pretty awful. I'm pretty positive it was from dehydration. So Sunday I had 10 glasses of water and was feeling much better by the afternoon. Sunday we watched 21 jump st, the movie. It was pretty funny.
Friday, we took Jade for her 3 month pictures, just at the mall because I was running out of time and needed to get them done. They turned out OK- not great.
Saturday we also put an offer in on a house, a short sale. Jay said it wasn't bad. I didn't even see it.

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