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May 21, 2012 - 10:41 am

happy mother's day

Well a lot has happened in the last 11 days. I never did go back to bed and I was tired! Sunday was mother's day. Just a regular day- did laundry, some cleaning, cooking. We did get to go swimming. So glad about that. And I had an appt with brooke.
Sunday night I was going to bed and I tripped over Ginger. Walk right into her and fell. I didn't want to fall on her so I twisted to the left. Well that really hurt. Not sure even how I managed to sleep, maybe it had something to do with the best o I've had since Jade was born. Monday, first day back to work, got up at 5:30 when Ginger jumped onto the bed and directly onto my foot. I woke up with a very loud scream! Started work at 6 since I had nothing better to do. Found out I'm getting some of Katie's responsibilities and that 3 months of bank rec's weren't done. Read up on broken toes. Did some tylenol, ice and elevation. Decided to go to urgent care just to get some stronger meds. Made an appt for 3:30 and was on my way. 3 xrays later and I have a broken Metatarsal! They sent me home with some percocet and an aircast and told me to call an orthopedic. Made my appt for Thursday.
Tuesday morning I took a full pill since the 1/2 didn't really help much. That was a bad idea. I spent most of the day throwing up and or passed out. It took me 8 hours to work 3.5 hours. AWFUL. I gave up at 2:30. I was done.
Wednesday, I was back to taking 1/2 again. Helped a little bit. Dawn & Kevin came in late wednesday night. Thursday I went to an orthopedic doctor and he put me in a real cast with crutches. Needless to say I ended up not working a full day on Thursday either. Just too loud- I tried working outside, on the couch, couldn't find a good spot so I just logged off and took 1 day between Tuesday and Thursday. Friday was Cadence's program day so I took a 2 hour lunch for that. Worked until 1 and then the internet went out! UGH. So lost another 3 hours there too. We ended up going to AZ mills cuz Kevin wanted to go to the croc store. I rented a wheelchair and rolled myself around. Saturday I tried so very hard to get the house clean and cook for the party. Of course I wasn't much help. Sunday was party day. It was a blast! Everyone had a great time I think. But I think I crashed at 9; I was beat!

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