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May 10, 2012 - 5:17 am

nothing to worry about

so tonight I mentioned the girl comment to Jay because it was still bothering me a little and he kinda went 'oh'. He says he's still perfectly happy with me and I believe him but that doesn't mean I still don't have the tiniest fear that one day that might change. I guess I'll just enjoy it for as long as I have, whether it's until the world ends, or until death do us part, or whatever. Jade got up at 3 something. Her nose is a little stuffy. I wanted to get a groupon that was expring tonight so i hopped on the computer. I don't really feel tired. In fact, I feel a bit hungry. I don't know if I should just stay up or try and go back to sleep. I got 4 hours straight, I should probably get a few more.
Cadence did good at the dentist today. She has a wiggly tooth on the bottom left. Victor came back and ran the main line for the sprinkers off the main line coming into the house, instead of from the one in the back. Problem solved in 2 hours. Sucks that it took him 6+ months to get here though.
Nothing for today- maybe food shopping. Jay has the chiropractor in the afternoon. My migraine did go away. I have a slight headache lingering, but not too terrible. We had some rain and thunder last night. It's nice to have a cool damp night with the windows open. Get the house aired out.
The refi went through, but I have yet to see our loan paid off.
ps- the hands free pumping bra that I got is AWESOme. Such a stupid invention- whoever came up with that one is making a lot of money- wish it was me!!

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