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May 09, 2012 - 1:55 am

happy birthday to me

so I'm going to work backwards, it's been almost a month since I last wrote. Most likely I'll miss some things but I will do my best.
Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. it started off good. I got my run in. It was my best time so far- just 20 minutes at 4.0 mph avg speed. Took Cadence to school, went to the dr to have my iud checkced, lowes, got my eyebrows waxed. Picked Cadence up from school and when we got home, Jay told her not to tell Ginger it was ok to chew her shoes, she got mad at him and told him that she didn't love him anymore. This upset me greatly and I told her that she ruined my birthday and started to cry. An hour or so later, we did go out to lunch at rainforest cafe as planned and we got Jade's ears pierced. Came home, fed Jade, Jay made stuffed shells and then went to the gym. I did a little email checking/responding to messages. Right around 5pm, my head started pounding. By 6 when it was time to eat, it was worse. I laid down around 6:20, jay got me up at 7 for cake. I didn't even want to eat any. My head felt so bad, I was nauseous. Had cake, fed Jade, tucked Cadence in and went to bed by 8. So my birthday was not so great. I wanted to go swimming, that didn't happen. And feeling like crap didn't exactly make it a great day. I don't even think I got a kiss from Jay all day, let alone any cuddle time. My cake was awesome by the way. I wanted a baskin robbins cake with chocolate chip ice cream and vanilla cake. Jay got it with dinossaurs on top. It was really cool and I liked it a lot.
Speaking of that, for 9 days, I've had light bleeding. The doc said it's from the IUD. I can get sporadic bleeding at any time, but it's possible I might not get a period when I have it. I hate sporadic bleeding, especially when it's consistent for 9 days. That really sucks. I had this put in 2 weeks ago on the 24th I think. It didn't hurt, just a little bit uncomfortable.
Monday, Jay took me out birthday shopping when Cadence was at school. I picked out a new purse from Kohls and a pair of sandals from Payless. He also got me a new lotion, since I used up the one from Christmas already.
I got a total of 5 cards: Jay, Cadence & Jade, Barbara, Judy and Grandma. $50 each from grandma and Judy, so maybe I'll get some clothes.
Monday, Victor also finally stopped by, he's supposed to come back Wednesday to dig up the yard to fix the sprinkler and Friday to cut the grass. I called him on Friday because we hadn't heard from him and it was starting to upset me that we paid all this money for new sprinklers and had nothing to show for it but dead brown grass.
Last weekend we didn't do much. I cleaned the house. I asked jay to help me and he said "no". It kinda pissed me off that he couldn't help. i didn't do a great job and was disappointed in how it turned out. We went to Serrano's for Cinco de Mayo on Saturday. Sunday, Bryan came and finally hung the tv on the wall! When he was here, we were all taking and Jay said something about how he used to party, do drugs and have lots of girls. The girl comment really bothered me. I know he's been with a lot of girls but I never really think about that, and now being 32, it's like I'm not a cute girl any more. I'm this old woman that pushed out 2 kids from her vagina and we've been together for almost 10 years. Is he still attracted to me? Is he going to get bored of me now that I'm old and trade me in for a younger, better model? Not that he's done anything that's made me even suspect that he'd do something like that but I guess it's just that I'm afraid of losing him after all this time, I just don't want that to happen.
Friday night I went to Danny's GRADUATION from ASU! I am so proud of him for finally doing it, figuring out what he wanted to do and getting it done after all of these years. Let me tell you, being there definitely made me feel old since I did that 11 years ago!!
Friday we also went to title and signed all the closing documents for our refinance. We are saving $355 a month on our mortgage. It's over $4k a year so we'll recoup all the closing costs in a year. It was definitely worth it.
Wednesday 5/2 we had Jade's 2 month checkup. 11 lbs 14 oz (Cadence was 10,11) and 23.75". She did well with her shots. We go back at 4 months now. They don't do piercing there, that's why we went to Claire's.
Weekend of april 29th/28th, we went to IHOP since Cadence was over 7 days with no accidents again (as I'm writing this she is at 20 days now I think- longest stretch in a LONG time). Also went to goodwill and picked up a couple of shirts and some books. It was funny that when I was looking around, I saw some of the clothes I donated!
The pool was done by april 20th and refilled by Sunday. Gone in a couple of times already. It's really nice. Looks so much better. We are happy that we spent the money.
(ok now I'm looking at the last entry and updating that)
Did apply for 1/2 a dozen jobs or so last week. Really wanted to work on that more when I was off, but I just couldn't find the time. I'm going to try and keep looking. I'm sure when I go back next week, I'll be busy for a while, but hopefully by June I can find a spare 30 minutes a day to keep actively looking.
Jay & Jason got the shed done, it looks good. Just a few $$ over from what we had left from the tax money- not bad that we were able to get a tv for the office, redo the bathroom and the shed with that.
Jade still spits up A LOT. She farts a lot too, but at least her farts don't seem as painful as they were where she's crying and then farting. But almost everytime she eats, she spits up. I don't know how she is gaining so much. She's already in her 3-6 month clothes. The 0-3 are getting small. She smiles a lot. I love it. It makes me happy.
Judy sent some stuff for Cadence and Jade the other day- clothes, some toys for Cadence.
Dawn & Kev come out next wednesday the 16th. They will be here for 2 weeks.
I Called last week for Cadence Kindergarten. They put her on the list and will call me around the end of the month to set up her evaluation appointment. Today we have her dentist appointment.
The 22nd is our post partem party. I'm looking forward to that. We are having a pool party on the 20th. That should be fun.
Danny had one a couple of weeks ago. I went with the girls. Jay was down south picking up a wrecked STI which has taken up residence in our garage. The CTS V is sold. I didn't get to drive that one either. Oh well. Back to 1 car again.
The last 2 fridays we have had 'donut dates' with Parker, Jude and Brooke with Cadence. Parker is Cadence's little buddy from school. ANd brooke and Adam are nice. The school had a picnic a few weeks back at tumbleweed with a magician and stuff. They had a good time at that.
So as you can see this last month has been busy. It's my last week before I go back to work. I am so sad to think about it.
But it's almost 2 and I've been up since 12:30. I was waiting to see if Jade was going to get up to eat some more but I guess not so I'm headed back to bed for now.

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