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March 15, 2012 - 9:20 pm

2 short weeks

so Judy was out of commission for 4 days with her foot. All she did was lay in bed with ice on it. At least it's feeling better now. Wednesday we dropped Ginger off at the trainers. We actually picked her up today. She's great on a leash, but not so much off. We just need to keep working with her.
Wednesday I also went to the maternity store and got fitted for some new nursing bras- get this 34dd. And after about 2 days, my boobs felt better! I think just wearing the wrong size bra was constricting my milk glands. I'm still overproducing, but I just pump it out and freeze it.
Haven't really done much. Gone to a few stores, either with or without one or both of the girls. Saturday I did the laundry, changed the sheets on the bed and cleaned the entire house by myself. Sunday was a big day- we went to target. Got the toothbrush holder, cup and garbage can for the bathroom. Just need to get a bath mat and we should be all set. I think we've been doing pretty well, haven't really been eating out or picking up food. We did go to McDonald's today though on the way to pick up Ginger because Cadence wanted a My Little Pony toy.
Monday Jay went and bought an 05 CTS-V in Tuscon. Erik drove it home and got pulled over. Said the 3 day temp tag was not for transporting a vehicle. I think it's like a $250 ticket- we are waiting to find out. Tuesday we went and registered it and Wednesday we dropped it off to have it retinted. Today I FINALLY got the stupid disability paper filled out from the doctor- on the 10th business day. Ridiciulous. Some of the claims are starting to go through insurance. I have no idea how much I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for them. I'm a little bit nervous.
Got in touch with Stewart about the refinance. He said hopefully by early next week he can get our application done and submitted. it would be nice to save some money, that's for sure!
Jade is doing pretty well. I'm getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night, with a break right in the middle for about an hour to feed her & pump the rest out.
Saturday I took her back to the hospital for the newborn screening test. Got her application for her birth certificate done. I'm pretty on top of things over here. John & Dana sent some clothes from the children's place, and Barbara & Tibby sent her $50. I have to write out the thank you's for them.
Didn't get the pictures to dawn until Tuesday so I'm still waiting on her to do the birth announcements. I really wanted to get them out within 2 weeks, but that's obviously not going to happen now. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. That means I have 8 more weeks left to go before I have to go back to work :(
Judy leaves on the 27th. Dawn booked her tickets for May. Don't know if/when anyone else is coming out at all.

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