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March 06, 2012 - 6:28 pm

Jade Abigail

So Thursday 3/1, I woke up at 4am with a stitch in my side. Had nothing else to do so started working at 5. By 11, it didn't go away at all and was getting worse, starting to spread around to my back. I called and made a dr appt for 2:45. I don't know who I saw there- either a NP or a PA but she was DUMB. She said I probably pulled something, I was barely 1cm, and wasn't going into labor anytime soon. But if I wanted to, I could go to the hospital and get checked out. So I told jay that I wanted to go to the hospital, it just didn't feel right.
So we got to the hospital around 3:45, checked in, waited for a while, went into the preliminary room for maybe 15 minutes or so then waited like an hour or more before I went into triage. Hooked me up to the monitor, I was having contractions about 2 minutes apart but was only 1 cm. So I Had to go walk around for 40 minutes, came back and was 2 cms. Back on the monitor for 20 minutes, walked around for another 40, came back and was 3cm. But got sent home because that wasnt enough progress. That was sometime around 9. We stopped at BK got dinner, I took a bath, and then just tried to find a comfortable spot. That was not happening. At 10:45, we left to go back to the hospital. I was 4 cm and was told to walk around. I said I couldn't do it so they just had me squat on the side of the bed, measured me and I was 5cm. FINALLY they admitted me! My IV was in at 12:30, in a room and epidural done at 2am. At 2, the dr came in and he said I was really only like 4, at 4am he came back and I was still like 4.5 so they broke my water. From 2-4 I got some sleep, which I desparately needed. At 6am I was 5cm. At 8am, I was still 5cm so the dr was thinking of starting me on pitosin. Jay left to take Cadence to her recital, but he was back by 10:30. around 9, they came in and said the heartrate was dipping a bit with the contractions so they decided not to start me on pitosin. At 10, I was 7cm so they decided not to do the pitosin and let things go naturally. Around 11, things starting picking up and I started feeling pushing urges. I got checked around 11:30 and was fully dialated. they got the bed ready to go, I pushed for 6 minutes and out came baby Jade! 7lbs, 13 oz 20.75" 11:53am 3/2/12 She's perfectly healthy! Love her to pieces. Didn't get much sleep in the hospital since they don't let the baby out of your site. went home around 3pm on Saturday- didn't need to stay the extra day. Jason stopped by the hospital, and of course Cadence and Judy too. So far, Travis, Melissa, Josh, Ralph, Mark, Becky, Brock & Kira all stopped by. Becky & Mark brought diapers, wipes, wash, and lotion- love them! Melissa and travis got her a birth certificate holder engraved with her name. Spelled her middle name wrong, but it's the thought that counts. Not too bad so far, getting in a couple of names, the house isn't a disaster area yet. Just taking it day by day. Sunday night & Monday my milk came in. I was in a lot of pain. I don't remember that hurting so bad. I'm still very engorged. Jade doesn't like to wake up to eat so I've actually been pumping already. We took her to the dr yesterday for her checkup. All is well. Go back in a week and a half. Cadence started her gymnastics again last night so we took them to that. Judy has been out of commission for 2 days with a hurt foot. Hopefully tomorrow she'll feel better. we are taking ginger to the trainer, so at least that's one less thing to worry about for a week. Besides from my hurting boobs, I have some soreness peeing, and a bit of a backache, but other than that i can't complain. Scale says 105 so almost back to normal. Tummy is still swollen though. Cadence has been pretty good, not really jealous- just her typical bouts of grumpiness. I haven't really noticed a change with her at all.

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