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January 12, 2012 - 8:36 am


so a lot has happened in the week.
I think it was Friday that Jay & I put the crib together. Then I find out Saturday morning that it was actually recalled mid-2010, but We used that for 3 years and didn't have a problem and Cadence is a big girl and was jumping all over the place. We can always use it for baby and then take it back, apparently there's no time limit on recalls.
Saturday we picked up a pitbull puppy. She's 10 weeks old. We got her from a guy off of craigslist for $50. We met the mom and dad pups and picked her out of 8. So we had to go to petco and get some supplies. She's been pretty good. A couple of accidents, but not many. She's afraid of the rest of the house, doesn't go past the kitchen. We named her Ginger on Sunday.
Mark, Becky & the kids came by for a few hours while Jay & Jason worked on Jason's motor. So we've seen them 3 weeks in a row, and then we'll see them again on Saturday.
Monday we took her to the vet and got her shots. Cadence started school on Monday too. She likes it, and it's really kinder-ready focused so I think she'll be fine for kindergarten this year. Cadence has been really good all week, hardly making messes, cleaning up and doing what she's told. Her latest thing is if you ask her to do something she replies "yes mommy" or "yes daddy". She's growing up so quick. She's been good with Ginger too, and I think it will help her to have a distration when the baby comes because I know I'm going to be busy.
Not much going on outside the house this week. I don't think I've gone out of the house since the vet. Oh we got all the paperwork signed for Jay's car, just waiting on the check and he's coming the 1st week of Feb to pick it up. I still haven't driven it yet. Still haven't been sleeping great, either crazy dreams or just random waking, but I can't get more than 5 hours of sleep at a time. Maybe my body is trying to prepare itself for those all hour of the night feedings.
Last night we got the dresser together so today I have to swap them out and start organizing. Once it's in the room, we can pull down the bouncer, swing, etc. Other than that, the baby's room is ready to go.
Been training laura & nick at work still. It's been a little on the busy side, because things keep breaking with the warehouse, but today is quiet. So I can probably do most of the swapping when cadence is at school this morning.
All the holes & paint are touched up, except for our bathroom. Maybe one day soon Bryan will come and put holes all over the living room. Put the TV on craigslist. Got a few emails on it, but mostly lowball offers.
Started working on my taxes, but still missing some forms and i'm not sure about what to do with the nc stuff.
Saturday is Ken & Erica's wedding in Tuscon so we'll be getting back late.

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