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January 05, 2012 - 9:14 pm

getting ready for baby

so we threw the furniture up on Craigslist on Tuesday. Got one scammer email tuesday, and then wednesday it was sold for $275! Cadence's dresser cost 175 so that pays for the dresser and the car seat and a little left over. Jay spackled yesterday and today we went to Lowes to pick up some paint and touched up the trim and any spots. Took the TV down in our room too so we can put the new tv in our bedroom for now. Going to put the other one up on Craigslist too, see if we can sell it for a few bucks. So this weekend we can get the crib together. Next week the dresser delivers to the store on Monday so I figured by mid week it should be available for pickup. Move Cadence's dresser out of her room, put the new one together, organize her closet better. As soon as the bed is together I can get the bedding setup, and then we can start getting bouncer, swing, etc down.
Started thinking about the bathroom. Jay & I are agreed on a darker wood for the vanity with two separate mirrors/medicine cabinets. Picked up some books at Lowes for that too to start getting ideas and getting it planned out.
Trying to figure out the best way to make the office/spare room combo work. Maybe a new desk, or maybe move the futon and desk around. We got about 7 weeks to figure out the office.
Took cadence to school tonight to meet her new teacher- Miss Gina. The advanced program actually has homework and less 'play time' and more learning, but I think that's great- she did regular apples to zebras for a whole year, time to go to the next level. All the more to make her ready for Kindergarten in August. Last night I had group. Up 1.5 lbs from last month; 7.5 lbs since October. The office scale said 115.5, I don't really believe it- especially clothed with sneakers.
Jay's GT-R is sold. Getting picked up at the end of the month. I'm going to drive it this weekend, at least one time. So he's trying to figure out what he wants to get next.
Oh BTW Jay did NOT finish cleaning the house like he promised. He said everything would be done by last night, but he didn't do 3 rooms or mop the floor!
Tomorrow is food shopping day. Maybe we can start on the crib tomorrow night. Things are a little disorganized around here- bunny doesn't have a room anymore. I got toys everywhere that need a bin or something, tv's all over the place, bedding I don't need. I feel like we might be taking on a lot at once (bathroom, baby room, reorganize office), but I think we'll be ok. Jay also mentioned getting the pool redone. I want to get our taxes done, I'm sure we might be able to pay for most of the bathroom with that money.

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