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January 20, 2021 - 7:40 am

January 20th you know I Hate you

This week was HARD. It's that time again- cookie season- and with 20 girls in the troop and 1 of me, I am beyond overwhelmed. I've yelled at my parents several times already. No one communicated to me in December their plans so my initial order was small. Well, after distributing cookies to 4 girls, I ran out! I had to bribe Miki to open the cupboard early and pick up 2/3 of my initial order. And then yesterday I picked up another 25 cases so now I've more than doubled my initial order and it sounds like I'm going to need more. I couldn't do this if I was working. There's no way.
I did apply to about 7 jobs. I didn't finish going through the list. I've had at least 1 person in all my classes. I learned 2/3 of the new tracks. I got out one day to hang door tags. I hung about 60- 30 each. Funnily enough, only J's got sales (well one person called so I don't know whose she got). Monday we went out and she hung about 50 more. I didn't get out yesterday. Found out monday night the QR code maker I used is only a trial and it was going to expire in 3 days. I got them to extend it to 1/30 and then I made new ones and glued them on top of the old one.
Today is inauguration day. I'm excited for change. I think it's going to be a LONG road with a lot of resistance. There are some crazy people on my facebook feed for sure! I feel like the country has been brainwashed or under some sort of spell.
Haven't had much time to read. Did finish the biography and started two other books. One is YA fiction and the other is a self-help.
Got a lot on the to-do list today.
Pick up cookies, covid test, 2 pound webinars, I want to get in some yoga, plan a troop meeting, meal plan, hang door hangers, finish going through the 10 jobs and possibly apply, plus the 20 emails I've gotten since the last time I purged them.
OH did I mention, I completed my 200hr YTT! I got my certificate the other day!

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