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November 30, 2020 - 9:38 am

Made it to 50%

I managed to hit 50% on Saturday. I have a big goal and that's to finish all the asanas by Friday. So today I'm getting month-end stuff out of the way. All of the orders were picked up by Wednesday. I made 2 pies on Wednesday, along with a webinar, cpr recertification, class, school pickup and errands. Thursday was Thanksgiving. I did all the cooking. Also watched Freebirds, which I've never seen in its entirety. After dinner, we watched Coneheads. Friday was decorating day. The inside was done before lunchtime. The outside took way too long. We also ran to Home Depot to get our yearly battery allotment. Other than that, I did NO black friday shopping. Saturday night we played a game of Uno. It's been a while since we played any games together. We also are trying to watch one christmas movie a day.I spent most of Saturday working on yoga, but it's so hard for me to focus. Yesterday we went out to breakfast. We haven't gone out to breakfast since February! It was delicious, but it's so expensive to eat out now. I feel like everyone has raised prices to make up for lost business. Then I taught class. Luckily it was just Vicky. I was not prepared at all and messed up choreo. Not horribly, but enough to throw myself off. I broke a stick- it had been over 2 years since I broke one! And then then internet went out. ugh!
After that, I spent some time practicing and cleaning up the backyard and getting ready for the troop meeting. I just had the brownies here (well 7/9- 2 virtual). Daisies were virtual, and I had 2 cadettes so I said forget it. I'm so frustrated with these cadette girls. I don't know what to do. They said service project over a month ago. Gave me ZERO ideas and then can't even bother to show up. I'll cancel the rest of the meetings for 2021 if that's how it's going to be. If they can't put in the effort or time, why should I?

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