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April 11, 2018 - 10:00 am

just chugging along

I think before Rachael got back I had over 80 orders. Class was good on Tuesday. I added in a song and didn't mess it up too much. Jay was too tired to go to pound. I also took the girls to lego building before class, which was fun.
Wednesday I had to go for labs and then I had a service team meeting which was 3 hours long. We had a council rep come and talk about recruitment and what we think about it and how they want us to do it.
We finally drained the hot water heater! It had only been a year.
Our pool filter got sent back and are STILL waiting for the replacement. It should be here Friday but meantime, we acid washed and refilled 2 weeks ago now and the pool is starting to turn green :(
I didn't have time to practice pound at all. Friday after school we gave Cadence to Donna and they went to camp for the weekend. I did my first class at StaFit. 4 people and they were fun!
I started posting stuff for sale, revamped the closet for jade. I've been keeping on top of stuff the best that I can.
BR was good last night. I'm messing up less- trying to cue more. My time is moving to 6:30- I hope they stick with it- I got a few groans when I mentioned it,
Friday we got the email to configure the model 3. So we went to the tesla store and checked out the colors again. I decided on white so we had to put down another $2500 and it will be ready in 3-6 weeks. NOT looking forward to a car payment. I don't think I've had one since BEFORE cadence was born (so probably 11 years).
Besides that stuff, it's been a pretty uneventful week. I have to go to the endocrinologist today for my 3 month follow up (these 3 months flew by!), but my labs look normal so I really really think it had to be dehydration
oh Monday we had scouts. We met at a clubhouse at Brayleigh (one of my Daisy girls) apartment complex. It worked out well, except we couldn't turn the TV off, but the volume was low. I got pretty annoyed at parents though because no one responds to me about anything... AT ALL. So I told them "look I have 2 jobs. I don't have time to hunt you down for a reply". From what I hear, our troop is pretty amazing. Cadence's friend from school, Alexia wants to join our troop because hers sucks.

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